1. P

    Dopamine Agonists Both Stimulate And Inhibit Prolactin Release

    Is this study relevant? This would imply dopamin agonists at sufficiently low doses may be giving a particular person an undesired effect, i.e, higher prolactin? Also, It would be interesting to know the concentration of bromocriptine in cacao (it is suggested it contains bromocriptine here, but...
  2. S

    Dysregulated Dopamine Release From Serotonin Terminals Is The Prime Trigger Of Dyskinesia In The Rat

    Dopamine released from 5-HT terminals is the cause of l-DOPA-induced dyskinesia in parkinsonian rats
  3. kineticz

    Strange Reaction To L-dopa And Maca

    Hi guys I tried some of my old maca and l dopa combo to see if it would further help the adrenals convert cholesterol to adrenal hormones I found that my heart rate rapidly increased, my vision and mood become manic, lower back ache (which I've had before when the adrenals are taxxed), I had...
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