1. haidut

    The Linguistic Genius Of Prairie Dogs

    A nice article showing that the one of the most uniquely human aspect of our existence - language - is actually a capacity that much "lower" animals possess as well, and may be even more adept than us at using. Apparently, prairie dogs are not only capable of verbalizing sentences with just...
  2. Dan Wich

    KMUD 6-16-17 Language And Criticism, Estrogen

    Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup A lot of audio problems this month, but don't worry, the buzzing noise only lasts for a few minutes. I boosted the audio for that part so it's audible, but that possibly makes it even more annoying. @raypeatclips, your KMUD interviews on YouTube get a mention at...
  3. haidut

    There Is No Universal (linguistic) Grammar Encoded In Genes

    Ray has written on the falsehood of rationalistic ideas that the ability to learn a language is encoded in genes, based on universal grammar that only humans possess the capacity for. Chomsky's ideas have been discredited somewhat, but they are still considered a dominant force in the academic...