1. tastyfood

    Asthma episode coincides with high ETCO2 (End Tidal Carbon Dioxide), high temperatures, and need to hyperventilate

    I have been recently been posting about my asthmatic episodes, likely due to continued high dose aspirin. I've been trying to prevent the attacks from happening this last week, and have noticed that certain things are sending me to a respiratory acidosis state. I have two cases of taking high...
  2. Nazar

    Hyperventilation from contaminated allergic sugar or sugar?

    If I use as much as 25 or more grams of white sugar with a cup of coffee and a glass of milk among other foods - it visibly suppresses my breathing resulting in brain fog. I suspect it might be because of allergic impurities in the sugar, which is absolutely possible in my case, but I don't have...
  3. L

    Please Help, Having A Hard Time Breathin

    Hey there folks Im pretty much constantly breathing deeply, feels like Im gasping for air/hyperventilating, never feeling like Im satisfied, like always outta breath. Usually throughout the day Im not overly focusing on it, or worried about it, this is just something Im noticing Do you guys...
  4. P

    PH Of Soul: How Does Acid-base Balance Affect Our Cognition?

    pH of soul: how does acid-base balance affect our cognition? Abstract Respiratory Alkalosis due to changes in sympathetic hyperarousal during pathological emotional states can change our cognitive abilities. This occurs through the effects of Alkalosis upon cerebral vasoconstriction and the...
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