1. cs3000

    Silicon dioxide [common in supps] worsens neurogenesis in hippocampus. causes impairment in offspring. +Grape Seed Procyanidins Extract benefits

    The smaller nanoparticles specifically are dangerous. and no way of telling what you're getting with the silicon dioxide often found in supplements Maternal exposure to silicon dioxide nanoparticles reduces hippocampal neurogenesis and synaptogenesis and induces neurodegeneration in rat...
  2. cs3000

    Dopamine raising effect of Carvacrol in the prefrontal cortex + hippocampus (oregano oil)

    ~150mg human equivalent of carvacrol Carvacrol: from ancient flavoring to neuromodulatory agent - PubMed by 7 days increased dopamine in the prefrontal cortex & hippocampus. increased serotonin a little too in the hippocampus, but you can see the dopamine effect is significantly bigger...
  3. P

    Evaluation Of The Effect Of Pentoxifylline On Sleep-deprivation Induced Memory Impairment

    Evaluation of the effect of pentoxifylline on sleep-deprivation induced memory impairment. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract In this study, we examined the ability of Pentoxifylline (PTX) to prevent sleep deprivation induced memory impairment probably through decreasing oxidative stress. Sleep...
  4. P

    Caffeine Alters Proliferation Of Neuronal Precursors In The Adult Hippocampus

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2743873/ Neurogenesis continues through adulthood in the hippocampus and olfactory bulb of mammals. Adult neurogenesis has been implicated in learning and memory, and linked with depression. Hippocampal neurogenesis is increased in response to a...
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