1. P

    Gluten intolerance & Celiac disease

    Just a thought, i dont suffer serious effects of ingesting wheat products as some people might but do feel very lethargic and agitated so try to side step them as much as possible which is difficult unless you cook everything yourself as its in everything these days along with social obligations...
  2. M

    Forming Bulk

    When I eat grains, my stool becomes bulkier, which is obviously good, because it feels like more bacterial junk is being carried out with it. But eating grains comes with its own problems, at least for me, and so I can't eat them on a regular basis. I don't seem to have problems with white...
  3. E

    An Aspirin A Day Keeps The Bowel Doctor Away
  4. haidut

    Aspirin Can Fully Replace Your Annual Colonoscopy

    Annual colonoscopies are becoming the norm for people over 50, and especially ones with previously extracted polyps. The colonoscopies are used to examine the health of the colonic wall, look for polyps, remove polyps if any are found, and sometimes even perform ablation procedures if there is a...
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