1. haidut

    SSRI drug use during pregnancy linked (again) to autism

    I don't think the topic needs much of an introduction. At this point, the only people who deny the causal link between SSRI use by pregnant or soon-to-become pregnant women and autism in their children are either pharma employees...or doctors who receive so much money from pharma companies to...
  2. J

    Reversing Autoimmunity From a Bioenergetic Perspective

    @CLASH and I recently finished our 4-episodes series on autoimmunity where we discussed the problems with many popular approaches to autoimmunity and what can be done instead to reverse the autoimmune state. In the first episode of the series we discussed the problems with the conventional and...
  3. haidut

    Estrogen (estradiol) Promotes Autoimmunity

    If there is any doubt in anybody's mind about the role of estrogen as a cause of autoimmune conditions I hope that his will clarify the situation some more. The excerpt below is from the study on adrenals and Alzheimers I posted today but I thought that this excerpt deserves its own thread given...
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