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  1. L

    Videos, Articles, Graphs showing true harm of Covid shots to help friends and family members refuse the Covid shot

    I know this is yet one more covid shot thread, but I recently talked my sister out of the covid shot and it felt so amazing. I wanted a thread that pulls all of the data together to direct to friends and family. I myself have posted in many different threads. The evidence exists here on the...
  2. tankasnowgod

    COVID vaccines already up to 96x as deadly as Flu Vaccines, according to CDC's own data.

    That's what Anthony Colpo found in his most recent post on his website. I have seen Alex Berenson make a similar claim on his Twitter feed, that the COVID vaccines account for more adverse reactions in the VAERS database than all other vaccines combined, and 8 times the deaths. I was thinking...
  3. haidut

    Psychiatric Diagnoses Are 'worthless', Most Mental Illness Stems From Stress (trauma)

    It is rare to see a study like the one below that does not hold anything back and exposes psychiatry for what it really is - fraud. Well, the exact words used were a "disingenuous categorical system" but words like "worthless" and "meaningless" were also used freely. In summary, psychiatry is a...
  4. haidut

    Hidden Side Effects: Half Of Medical Studies Withhold Data On Adverse Results

    The proposed excuse is "limited space" in the publishing journals and of course the incentive to hide adverse events for marketing reasons. I doubt there are many high impact journals left that have not gone online where "limited space" is lie. Who cares if the PDF of the study is 150KB or 200KB...
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