Your Guide To The Great Reset


Apr 8, 2016

For me personally, the loss of personal freedom (if we ever really had it in the first place) is the most tragic.

In my opinion, Parler is the canary in the coal mine in regards to person freedom for Americans. If the globalists can successfully marginalize Parler that will mean to me that their victory is complete. That will mean The Great Reset is likely to happen and we will have to live with it, both the good and the bad that comes with it.


Oct 19, 2020
We have the government we tolerate. How much voter fraud and how many more god given rights have to be taken from us before the masses put down their beer and stand up? We don't have many rights left for gods sake. They now dictate to us how we freaking breathe air! They tell us to wear masks in our own home. They make 2 year olds wear masks and go against their biological desire to breathe freely. Its now nearly a crime to die a natural death at 84. Our American votes are sent to freaking Europe to be stored and tallied! This isn't conspiracy - its reality.

How much is enough?

Not a rhetorical question.
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Nov 29, 2017

Highly recommend this video. Rex Murphy is the man
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