Jan 20, 2013
From http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/se ... sion.shtml, the following was quoted from a study:

The alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist, yohimbine, has been reported to protect hypoxic myocardium. Yohimbine has several other activities, including 5-HT receptor antagonism, at the concentrations at which protection was found.

Now, I assume that means its good :?

Has anyone tried this ? I am experimenting with it and its hard to get the right dose ! Sometimes I feel nothing when I have taken to little. Too much and phew, I want to hump anyone in sight, lift weights, feeling of restlessness etc. So its definitely not the calm kind of energy but more hyperactivity. Since my hands/feet get cold after I take it I wonder if the hyperactive behavior is adrenaline driven ?


Jan 19, 2013
Yohimbine has been shown to increase anxiety, and at least anecdotally, I would say that's true with my usage of it as well. While it's true, it gives you tons of energy, burns fat, and makes workouts awesome (as well as other strange benefits, like protecting heart tissue from over oxygenation, treatment of erectile dysfunction etc) it makes me think you're probably right about the effects being adrenaline induced rather than due to an increase of increase mitochondrial activity.

User beware, it's definitely not something I'd take everyday, but if you're just looking for a relatively natural, safe workout boost it's probably pretty benign.


Jan 22, 2013
Ive gone through a little bottle of the alcohol extract before. I never took huge amounts at once and usually didn't take it for more than a few days at a time, but didn't really think about it. Ive used many herbs of all different kinds. Compared to other libido boosting herbs...it actually seemed relatively gentle to me. A little positive mood, heartrate boost but didn't seem to jack me up that much or anything. My take on stimulating herbs that aren't too harsh, such as yohimbe, is that if taken in a quality form (therefore they have a good amount of phytonutrients/minerals available), in moderate doses, on a foundation of good nutrition, they will be overall beneficial to health, mood, and metabolism.
If a low quality form is used, or too much taken at once, it might be slightly more taxing then giving. If taken without a good foundation of nutrition, the effects will just be less noticeable, not noticeable at all, or even slightly irritating-stimulating...like you may get hungry and feel low blood sugar/shaky, or slightly spacy (depending on the herb).


May 26, 2018
Pharmacologic profile
Molecular target Binding affinity
(Ki in nanomolar)[33]
Pharmacologic action
Species Source
SERT 1,000 Inhibitor Human Frontal cortex
5-HT1A 346 Partial agonist Human Cloned
5-HT1B 19.9 Antagonist Human Cloned
5-HT1D 44.3 Antagonist Human Cloned
5-HT1E 1,264 Unknown Human Cloned
5-HT1F 91.6 Unknown Human Cloned
5-HT2A 1,822 Antagonist Human Cloned
5-HT2B 143.7 Antagonist Human Cloned
5-HT7 2,850 Unknown Human Cloned
α1A 1,680 Antagonist Human Cloned
α1B 1,280 Antagonist Human Cloned
α1C 770 Antagonist Human Cloned
α1D 557 Antagonist Human Cloned
α2A 1.05 Antagonist Human Cloned
α2B 1.19 Antagonist Human Cloned
α2C 1.19 Antagonist Human Cloned
D2 339 Antagonist Human Cloned
D3 3,235 Antagonist Human Cloned

Yohimbine - Wikipedia


Dec 29, 2015
Was wondering the same since I noted that citation in Ray Peat's article. Yohimbine needs to be used in small doses definitely though. Following !
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