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Discussion in 'Health' started by pboy, Mar 18, 2014.

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    Jan 22, 2013
    im thinking we all have an x factor, which dictates metabolism, feel good, and health in general. The x factor could be equated to 'the fire in your belly', the drive, the fire in your eyes, the motivational factor...similar to the concept of agni. To me, this factor which will dictate appetite, feel good hormones, sex drive, digestive capability, sleep quality, and many other things has to do with motivation, simply. Every body wants to be a good person, hold their share or work, feel valuable, feel creative, and feel like they are contributing and making people happy. So really...unless you are partaking in those things each day, your x factor, agni, fire will suffer. Its a huge problem because many people have a job for money but don't necessarily think its a good thing, a good worthy noble thing to do, they don't feel like they are contributing to good things, don't have freedom to express creativity, and don't see on a daily basis how their work and intentions are making other people happy, or lessening their challenges.
    A pivitol point I think, towards lighting this fire within us is to have utmost belief and faith that good does in fact win in the end, the weight of the truth is inevitably going to happen, and that the sooner everyone gets into a logical, happy, intelligent, contributing sustainable cycle the better all of our agni will be and therefore lives in general. Just giving someone a job that everyone can appreciate, such as farming, can make them feel valuable and inspire a fire alone. Its a huge problem because when you are trapped in a society and cycle that doesn't allow you to be a free good creative person who can contribute in a humane positive way, theres little hope to ever digest food or produce feel good hormones regardless or what or how you eat, or exersize. Service in a realistic, not business or contrived way, is a big time uplifting factor. It almost seems like in the old days, where you could always do something like catch fish or chop wood, or fetch water, to be highly valuable, it might have actually been easier to maintain this factor

    have you ever noticed that when someone you actually like and care about needs your help, or would appreciate your help, suddenly many things don't matter as much and you feel more energized, and happy when you complete the task?
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    Feb 20, 2013
    I agree with you completely. People nowadays just see work and education as a means to financial succes and care only about prestige that comes with it. I'd like to see education as a means to gather knowledge about life to enrich yourself and the environment. I'd like to see work as helping others in return for a reward. Not selling unhealthy, unneccesary, products that depletes the earth's resources and creates a pyramid-structure society.

    Maybe your right. I don't know. Would doing the things you love and are morally good increase your health? I sure like to think so :)
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    Feb 20, 2013
    I think there is a possibility that ego is involved in feeling good about "helping" others.
    In a selfless service people do not really think that they are helping others,
    they are simply doing what they are supposed to do. I think
    our instinctive nature is to be kind and to have empathy.
    People would not feel happy if they do not do the right things.
    But there are people who do a lot of of good things to boost their ego.
    I believe our human nature is to be happy/peaceful.
    I do not think i have ever seen a child who is not having fun almost 99 percent
    of the time.In an interview RP mentioned that at 30 he realized that purpose of
    brain is to have useful knowledge. I believe that is when he switched from
    studying arts and literature to biology.
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    My X factor is optimal thyroid function.