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Wow, Peat Is Right! Milk And Dairy Really ARE Weight Loss Foods

  1. :meh:Ok so, I've been trying to get my head around all this milk drinking that Peat recommends.

    I read his milk article here: Milk in context: allergies, ecology, and some myths o_O

    And part of me thought maybe he's just biased towards dairy cuz he likes it. :joyful:


    Three articles I read

    SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class research journals
    And here:
    Calcium and Weight Loss - The Connection Explained!

    All pretty much confirm what Peat has been saying about dairy and it's benefits ESPECIALLY in the weight loss department.

    There is something special about milk and dairy for weight loss and maintaining your weight as you age.

    I had a pretty decent metabolism in my younger days, but as I have hit middle age, weight control has definitely become harder. I have 20 stubborn middle age accumulated lbs. that just don't want to budge no matter how much I exercize and eat healthy. I lose 10 and gain 10, back and forth, back and forth...

    I'm tall and can get away with it at times but it's frustrating :sour:

    I've never really been a big milk drinker. But I do like it- just not all the time. Well that's gonna change now.

    Interestingly, if you read these articles, they discuss how calcium, ESPECIALLY FROM DAIRY SOURCES, are what helped the MOST.......way better than calcium from supplements and other food sources......

    (Good-bye almond milk in my morning green/fruit smoothie! :wtf: even tho it has calcium as well)

    Now of special note, the articles DID mention for weight loss purposes, that one needs to be eating the lower fat versions of dairy in order to get the higher calcium and not all the calories. But if you are going for calories AND calcium, just use the higher fat versions, I guess....

    Calcium is the bomb when it comes to health/weight issues! Yes, I know, the other vitamin/supplements/foods are important too, but this thread is about da milk subject. And an important one at that!

    Touché Dr. Peat! You are right AGAIN!

    I say "again" because before I read what Peat had to say about certain vitamins and nutrients, I had independently researched their benefits, and put them to use, which, I might add, has been verified and confirmed by what Dr. Peat has discussed.

    Now I'm going to research the orange juice thing.:wideyed:
  2. I can't drink milk due to its protein type, the added vitamin d and lactose. I just don't feel right on any kind of milk.
  3. Well the articles DID say that other sources of dairy are good as well for calcium, if you can't handle milk -like a lot of folks such as yourself.
  4. 1B43CD61-030F-4335-901F-2B493827B74F.png The best I can say is no starch if you can tolerate eliminating it from your diet. Starch+sugar+higher fat seems to be a recipe for unwanted weight gain from various experiences on this forum. If you are coming from a high fat low carb background gradually transitioning to a diet lower in fat and higher in carbs from fruit sugars while keeping adequate protein seems to be popular here. I do believe each of us has to experiment and find our own sweet spot. The above screenshot is of a book that might be helpful.
  5. Glad you mentioned this Blossom :thumbsup: I just made a decision to go no starch or very low starch as I know personally, that I don't do well with starches except rice at times. Starches really bloat me. You nailed it- I was doing the high fat, low carb approach and it was working and then not working and I wasn't feeling good overall doing it. Went to more starches but then that bloat thing.....Yuck

    You mention sugar tho- I thought sugar or fructose ( which I already eat now because I like fruit, it's healthy and lower in calories) was a Peaty thing to do?

    Is this book you recommend kinda Peaty or does it take a different approach?
  6. Oh lol just saw Peat's endorsement of the book :D
  7. @Hildy, sugar and fructose is good according to Peat as a carb source. I’d just try to get the majority of sugar from fruits or fruit juice that comes with nutrients rather than white sugar.
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought about the fructose. I think that combination of starch and sugar with the fat is what's not good- like a pastry or something.
  9. Yes, I even had issues with fruit or fruit juice and rice in the same day honestly although not everyone is that sensitive.
  10. how much milk do you drink per day and how do u drink it? it just doesn't seem to work for me unless im sitting on my ass at home all day. it doesnt make me full and doesn't give me energy either and i can't just start my day with a just few glasses of milk and a few eggs. and warmth? lol never had cold feet until i started drinking 3quarts per day. where do you get the salt from? like how is oj and milk supposed to be enough food for a day? i can't just drink a gallon worth of fluids a day without any salt. and milks sugar content is just laughably low and honestly it just tastes like nothing at all. like plain thick white water with some proteiny aftertaste.
  11. According to the articles I posted, it was the calcium in the dairy products that was so good for you, amongst other things. So that could be an alternative. Milk, cheese, yogurt etc.My mind was blown because I never knew how good milk/ dairy was for you. I never drank much milk. I just started Peating but I'm certainly now including a lot of dairy.
  12. yeah the calcium and casein def are amazing but it's just too much useless water in there. i'm not a fan of salty milk and even if ray said milk is osmotically balanced, it still makes me freezing cold. Can't find cheese without crap in it and i'm not gonna bother doing some disgusting vinegar cheese or whatever. milk is def good if not the best food to survive on, but to thrive and have good energy, it's just not enough :(
    good luck btw, with this whole peat thing
  13. Have you ever tried goat milk? I get the meyenburg low fat one. It’s very creamy and definitely does not taste anything like water
  14. You can incorporate salty foods no problem. Carrot salad with salt is great. Mushroomsoup, kale broth, well cooked spinach, bone broth :yum:

    When I drink pure milk... I can say my good byes, I'm in hypo land and shivering cold. But no problems at all with sugared milk, or milk with honey, maple syrup or date syrup.
  15. Really? I can understand that. I don't know what it is but they bloat me so bad and I love them but they cause me problems. I was thinking it was the gluten but I have the same reaction to corn as in corn chips. Beans too. Pasta is the worst. I feel soooo much better avoiding the starches. It does limit you though in food choices. Good ole sugar and fruit I am fine with except apples for some reason. Forgot what Peat said about apples.
  16. Charlie, I'm really glad you posted this study because, yes, it confirms what I have been researching: that whole milk and whole fat dairy products are really good for and that they do not lead to diabesity. In fact what I have read is it's the opposite.
    Found this article: Skim Milk vs Whole Milk for Weight Loss | Dairy Myths Part 2

    This just corroborates the study you posted as well as the articles I posted.

    This link - the skim-milk-whole-milk-weight-loss article mentioned about the unique fatty acids found in whole milk which is beneficial for weight management:CLA, butyric acid, palmitoleic acid in addition to that supposed magic ingredient called nicocinimide ribose (in the article you had posted in another thread) just seems to me that evidence is mounting that milk, whole milk, is just an all around good for ya thing! Especially in the weight department.

    As a side note, I just recently started taking butyrate ( butyric acid) for inflammation and it really seems to help - I don't know what it does but it seems to settle your stomach down and also makes you feel satisfied. It really has this calming effect. I just have to remember to take it with all my other supplements. But my point is that butyric acid is in the whole milk , being a short chain fatty acid. I can personally attest that it makes me feel good. And if you suffer from IBS I highly recommend it.
  17. So what are we talking here a couple glasses of low-fat milk plus a couple ounces of cheese?

    An entire quart of milk a day?

    I'm trying to balance the ratio of milk protein to muscle meat protein. Not sure if 5oz of steak per day is enough with the rest coming from milk...
  18. @A.D. She mentions 1200+ mg of calcium in another thread. I was curious and entered some portions on Cronometer. 2 cups of milk, 1 cup of yogourt and 3-4 ounces of cheese easily get you over 1200mg.
  19. Yes tasted goat, sheep even camel milk. But all these alternatives are not cheap and i don‘t think it makes a big difference. Cow‘s milk is even better than breast milk, good cheese even more but still dairy products lacks taste and i rarely crave them. Fruit is what turns me on the most and sadly it‘s a luxury here in europe. Unripe fruits just make me sick
  20. to keep in mind.HI-Fluid diet like milk+OJ has very low small intestine contact times,protein uptake but is very slow.
    something that gives bulk and slows down transit in the small intestine is better for protein uptake;
    maybe,maybe it doesnt matter though because of frequency of milk consumption?
  21. Thanks for posting this. This seems reasonable.

    So if this is correct, how much calcium food should someone be eating to balance this? I just recently went from low calcium intake to (now) getting 1,200 + mgs from milk and dairy sources ( the Peat recommended 2qts milk seems to high for me)

    I currently take 2,000 mgs. Of vitamin D3 a day.
    Based on this ratio I need to be taking a few 1,000 mgs more.
    I also currently take 550-600 magnesium a day. Should I increase my magnesium if I up my vit. D amounts?
    I take vit k2 ( my-4) 100 mcgs
    Also, as I am losing weight, do I then lower my vit D dosage?

    Do my ratios look good? Anyone?
  22. Bump
    Advice anyone on ratios?

    I did re-read In the articles I posted that it was the increased calcium from DAIRY ( specifically) products AND vitamin D that helped with weight loss.
    And I read on another thread that the recommended vitamin D amount is your weight X 35. I guess that's what the experts say. That seems awful high taking 5,000 mg of vitamin D or more a day. But if this is what's recommended, I am certainly below my vit. D dosage.
    Haven't read what Peat has said about vit.D amounts. I assumed it was in my grassfed milk.
  23. Also, does anyone else feel really good drinking whole milk? I'm so into this whole milk drinking thing now! I didn't really drink milk for so long except when having cereal or something, but I forgot how good drinking milk makes me feel.
    Really calms me and I feel nourished as well.
  24. "I have heard from several people that they think I recommend drinking whole milk, which I don't, because the amount of fat in whole milk is very likely to be fattening when a person is using it to get the needed protein and calcium. When a person wants to lose excess fat, limiting the diet to low fat milk, eggs, orange juice, and a daily carrot or two, will provide the essential nutrients without excess calories." RP
  25. i love the taste of whole milk but do notice the fattening effect from it. I prefer 2% personally
  26. Thanks! Ok sounds reasonable. But apparently (according to what I've read) it's the whole fat dairy that has the benefits. And not just for the calcium, but other things in the milk that make it so nutrious like nicotinimide ribose, CLA, other stuff I can't remember. I have been substituting the whole milk in place of other fats so my fat is coming from the milk and not so much from other foods, so there is a way to make it work and not get too much fat.

    I think I will have to continue with this milk experiment and post my results.
  27. I'm really loving the whole milk. The 2% is ok but not as satisfying.....to me, anyway.
  28. use Cronometer: Track nutrition & count calories to see how much calories and fat you are eating a day, if you were eating vegetable oils all your life and now you switched to whole milk then this is beneficial because the fat in milk is mostly saturated, but for weight loss and for general health you better go with low fat high carbs and get most of your protein preferably with dairy, how old are you?
    you should not worry about drinking 1% Or 2% because some vitamins lost by heating milk are added back in 1% or 2%, i experimented with raw milk and ended up with stomach cramps and dizziness that last for days and i think that was because of the bad bacteria, what is your old diet and your current diet?
    you may add milk slowly to your diet and buy the brand that will digest easy.
    if you drink 3 liters of whole milk a day you will end up with 5.7 grams of PUFAs, combine it with some other foods you will pass 6grams.
  29. I just started with the chronometer, really like that . I listed my diet on another thread so not gonna post it again. I focus on saturated fats now but was using olive oil, and yeah, probably getting too many PUFAS. Since I've hit 50 I've had a battle with 20 extra pounds that I keep gaining and losing. I'm tall so it's not too bad but I'm used to being thinner, but so I'd like to maintain my previous weight. I have considered that I may have developed thyroid issues as my temperature is consistently low, so in addition to menopause, it could be my thyroid.
  30. Full cream Jersey, nothing else matters
  31. olive oil is good fat in moderate amounts, it has contains an antioxidant which makes it protective against heart disease and cancer and the fats are mostly monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) but we can make oleic acid from eating carbs. coconut oil stimulates metabolism and ray uses hydrogenated coconut oil recently.
    here is a quote from his website:
    "Coconut oil is unique in its ability to prevent weight-gain or cure obesity, by stimulating metabolism. It is quickly metabolized."
    eat a tbsp of it with every meal.
    i will take a look at your diet thread, metabolism is restored when ratio of saturated fats to PUFAs is 2:1 so best to start depleting your PUFAs, try to limit it to 4g daily, with cronomoter.com you will now how much you eat a day, and go low fat high carbs and when your metabolism is restored your body will take care of the excess fat, i showed you in female corner a good thread how to get ripped by ray peat's principle:
    Getting Ripped With Dr Peat
    member VisionOfStrength had very good comments there that will help you.
  32. I think I posted my diet under my middle aged weight gain thread.
    Yes I was thinking of that coconut oil. I don't use it very much- just butter, some Olive oil. It wouldn't hurt to experiment with it.
  33. It’s great to hear about your experiences with calcium. I am in the same boat.

    I’ve been using peat’s inspiration for 6 years now. I had gained up to 75lbs. Half muscle half fat. Starting last July I got serious and now I never cheat on the calcium to phosphorus ratio of less than 1:1. Since then, Ive lost 26lbs and now I am averaging a slow, steady drop in body fat of .5-.75% per month.

    FYI, I use Kalona whole milk and do great on it. Only milk I feel good on.
  34. Hi @Velve921 nice job on the drop in bodyfat. Do you attribute this solely to upping calcium & if so is adding the milk all you have done?
  35. @Velve921 No worries, I found your thread re 'strictness' where you explain...

    Actually you don't really say what you changed around 6 months ago to improve Ca:Ph?
  36. So before 6 months ago, I would still have meat or starch 2-3x a week.

    So once I stopped that and on a daily basis keep the ratio of calcium:ph 1:1 or 2:1, that’s when things started happening in a better way.

    Now with that, I will also say that having lots of gelatin, sugar, saturated fat, and coffee in my diet is a large part of this as well.

    But I’ve done these things for 6 years now; it wasn’t until I became strict on the ca:ph... and I mean really strict, that fat loss started happening.

    Now, during the quarantine and working from home, I go on walks per day and combining this in the last 2 weeks has exponentially increased my fat loss noticeably.

    The whole picture is important. To give you an idea of my latest that’s working, here it is:

    Ice cream
    Dark chocolate
    Liver - 1x a week
    Mineral water

    Red light
    Sun light
    Inclined bed therapy
    Epsom salt/aspirin baths
    Long walks

    Vitamin K
    Anti-histamine before bed
  37. Thanks @Velve921 I appreciate the detailed reply.

    So the big difference seems to have been dropping meat and starch.
    I might well benefit from something similar but that list looks pretty restrictive with not much carbs other than sugar and OJ?

    Do you think some of the benefits you're seeing may be due to improved digestion?
  38. How much of each? What macros? How much PUFA? CRON-o-meter? How's salivary flow? Body temperature? Any issues with teeth? Does OJ acid cause problems or are you compensating somehow?
  39. OJ, milk, sugar, ice cream, and dark chocolate seems to work fine for me.

    Digestion is solid and plays a part.
  40. Body temper runs around 98.6-99 during the day.
    Heart rate - 85-95 during the day.
    Never had acid problems.
    Use to have teeth pain - never have teeth pain now.
    150-180 gram of protein per day
    120-150 grams of fat per day
    350-400 grams of carbs per day
    PUFA is 5-7 a day
  41. So does saliva flow well? Any cavities? Do the liquids result in dry mouth? Are most of those macros from milk and OJ? 1% milk? Do you have before/after pics? What changes did you notice?
  42. Yes it flows well.
    No dry mouth ever.
    No cavities.
    Most macros are from gelatin, ice cream, dark chocolate, and sugar.
    Small amounts of OJ, whole milk, cheese, coconut oil.
    no pics at this time.
    High energy and low anxiety describes my response.
  43. @Velve921 I’ve been eating quite similarly lately as well :)