Would A "Peatpedia" Or Ray Peat Inspired Encyclopedia Be Good?

Discussion in 'The Ray Peat Forum Lounge' started by ScurveDream, Sep 5, 2019.

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    NOTE: I am unsure if anyone else mentioned this or if any such thing exists -- a quick search didn't suggest so.

    As we see, a lot of stuff here contrasts with the bulk of mainstream science, pop science, culture and etc.

    Basically, people could attribute this community as a semi-opinionated/alternative medicine type of discussion board since it rejects/challenges/states that a lot of the mainstream assertions and beliefs are wrong on health info and other scientific knowledge. It made me think that -- given how there's so much sway/bias in certain public views on all things health and medical -- wouldn't a Peat-style encyclopedia help serve as a reference tool?

    You'd have all of the asserted sources and the info then conveyed in a readable, expandable, Wiki-like format that anyone can edit and constantly improve upon (much different than here, which is thread-based and can let you jump thread-to-thread and not have the same flair/concreteness). The difference here is that it won't lean or only follow Wikipedia's style of only allowing certain sources or materials that meet their guidelines, which seem to be swayed by big business, popular publications only and etc.

    So with that in mind we could have an entire encyclopedia for Peat subjects in particular that doesn't just take in to account particular sources of interest to be relied on, but any which can let the results come to different conclusions than mainstream ones. People could then see a more concrete/stable assortment of Peat "know how" and further understanding in a much more convenient format than just ongoing threads/forums. It may just be me, but I find information articulated/arranged in a Wiki-like format to be more engaging/easier to follow than just various bits/pieces across an ever growing number of threads which may have little corollaries/run-ons/etc. I think a Wiki/encyclopedia-esque touch could compile lots of info and spell out scientific consensus and conclusions in a much more direct, targeted way than just bits/pieces of info scattered around and ongoing. Not saying the threads are bad, but they along with an active, growing, encyclopedia-like format or some sort of database backend/frontend that can help spell things out orderly and more straightforward, basing its info on many subjects and data beforehand to create subjects you can then browse through vs. only relying on a thread-to-thread basis of various info. Since stuff here very anti-mainstream, a well-managed encyclopedia-esque compilation of info can be great.

    Since these forums open up the possibilities and info regarding dozens and dozens of subjects -- and then subjects of those subjects even -- it seems a more orderly way of structuring and spelling out this info could suffice better than just scattered threads. Plenty here would probably contribute if something doesn't exist yet (I could too).