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World's Oldest Person

  1. India didn't record date of birth before 1900?
  2. Reading other posts here regarding centenarians, there is no particular pattern on what makes centenarians live as long as they do. I don't think diet alone makes a person live a long life.

    I also doubt they geek out online about what they should eat daily and what supplements to take. Some of these centenarians live in third world countries and are too poor to afford supplements. They just live their life.
  3. LOL. 'Online' has only existed since after they were already doing rather very well in the longevity stakes. The fellow in the OP was already a centenarian when the Internet was born. :)
  4. It says Indonesia. You're right though, in the article it says they didn't officially record births before 1900. You would think though that that at least means he was born before 1900 if he was born before records were officially implemented, so even if he wasn't born in 1870, he could still be 117 years +. I would love to know for sure, but Jeanne Calment will remain as the oldest person on record @ 122 years old, even if there have been older people.
  5. I doubt he varied from the food typical to the Asian region, staple of rice/sweet potato/corn, served with vegetables/leaves and meat/fish with some fruits. I am positive he never worried about the persorption of the starches he ate, or the specific amino acid contents of the meats/fish he ate etc.

    It feels to me every very old person we talk about on the forum eats a diet similar to this.
  6. There's some merit to this idea. Still, it's worth pointing out that, statistically speaking, we should expect the occasional person on a poor diet in a third world country to catch every conceivable lucky break with regard to his health and become a centenarian. And because we'll here about it in the news every single time this happens, there's a strong selection effect at play here.

    By the same token, it makes sense for us first world folks to do everything we can to increase our chances, all with the understanding that diet is just one piece of the puzzle.
  7. People don't hold the title long, do they.
  8. That's probably true, but I suppose his diet could have been favourable in these respects anyway, at least more favourable than the standard western diet (if there can be said to be such a thing).
  9. I bet he would look better if he is not 'addicted' to the gym. Maybe still doing exercise outside that filthy sweaty place?
  10. Maybe I need to look into it more but I think there is a pattern of eating meals of starches, vegetables and meat as a meal, with small amounts of fruit. I always think the centenarians eat quite clean. None of them I've come across have diets of McDonald's or pizza for example but maybe I've just not looked enough.
  11. Possibly, but people on here say rice is worse than potatoes for persorption, yet many people in regions that eat rice as a staple live a very long time. Of course there is many other variables involved and even questions as to their genuine birth dates, but I feel i am seeing a trend

    Sure it is much better than standard western diet, I couldn't see any wheat containing foods or much vegetable oils.
  12. I think it's important to realize that our food supply in developed countries, particularly America, is much less nutritious, and more toxic, than when these people were growing up. Even if you ate the exact same foods as these people, you would not be eating the exact same foods. It's also important to realize as your environment changes, so does your nutritional needs. Mimicking diets of people that live in a totally different environment is poor reasoning.

    Better to focus on energy and structure, rather than any particular foods.
  13. Yeah he is probably fibbing his age, or has constructive memory. Indians don't last very long because of all the waste and garbage in their water.
  14. :):
  15. McDonald's was not available for at least the first half of their lives, and if something like it had been, it would have been made with saturated fat and pasture-raised animals etc.

  16. I remember when I stayed in India for a couple months, living into old age was a big deal. They have a lot of incentive to lie about age, it makes them into a yogi. While over there I was always hearing about this 400 year old guy, or that immortal dude. You could go and get a blessing from him and donate. If you looked old enough, you could claim you were a saint and over xxx years old, and people give you money. India is a very corrupt place, for all its charms. And I mean that, lovely hospitality...just not a great value placed on honesty.

    Now I know this guy is from indonesia, which is probably different, but I wonder if he was a bit of a celebrity for his claimed age.
  17. That was a poor example, I admit. I was trying to say that I felt all the centenarian diets we talk about seem quite simple traditional foods like rice, veg and meat/fish.

    Very good points.
  18. India and Indonesia have very little in common. India is very social class-based aka castra, Indonesia is not. Just because they have "Ind" on their countries name doesn't mean they're similar. Instead, Indonesia is very similar to Thailand and Philippine despite their differences in religions (Islam vs Buddhism vs Christianity). If you've traveled to Thailand, expect Indonesians to have similar attitudes compared to Thais.

    Judging from his body posture, skin and bone-structures (especially his eye colors), I'm pretty sure the gentleman is a legit centenarian. My grandparents are all centenarians and know several centenarian relatives so I know how they look like and act. Centenarians are kinda common in East and Southeast Asia, actually.

    Nice tropical, sunny day all year with constant 6am to 6:30pm sunrise to sunset can do wonders to their body. Not to mention they consume much less calories than we do. Whenever I travel to SE Asia, I always eat 2-3x portions per meal because they're so small in comparison to US food servings.

    The biggest downfall is that the people are relatively short and small. 5'-5" or shorter.
  19. That is pretty interesting. Thank you for the additional info. Yeah I know they are different places, I brought up India because the thread had gotten onto the topic of India, even though the guy was from Indonesia. I have heard differing opinions of SE Asia. Some say like you that it is a very nice place metabolically, but I have heard others say that people are sickly there, constant cough, run down, too skinny, that kind of thing. What do you think?
  20. @Strongbad I've wondered about the height thing before, after seeing one of these oldest men who had the nickname shorty because of his height. I wondered if there was a lack of growth hormone in these people, which Peat thinks is a negative hormone, so their height is one of many factors allowing them to live longer. Not sure if this is how growth hormone works and I am sure I will be corrected but it was a thought I had.
  21. This might be a genuine advantage when it comes to longevity, too.

    Apart from direct effects of growth hormone, there have also been speculations about innervation to height ratios being possibly relevant.

    Jeanne Calment was no giant either.
  22. There're always pros and cons wherever we live in and SE Asia is no exception. It's nice, it's always hot and sunny all year, but it's also very humid and moist-y. With the exception of Singapore, most SE Asia countries are poor and ridden with sanitation issues. Tap water is undrinkable so people always buy water bottle or the huge gallon container of filtered water (for household food consumption). Since it's humid and warm, it's also a very friendly environment for bacteria/pathogens to grow and spread. So if you have preexisting infections, whenever you visit SE Asia they're gonna get worse real quick: seborrheic dermatitis, IBS, gut bacterial issues, flakey skins, dandruff, oily scalp etc. Same thing with flu, cold, cough. It someone is sick it spreads a lot quicker because of the humidity and warm temperature. Bacteria loves that environment.

    Another sickness that's very common in SE Asia is called "trapped wind". It's not an infection, it's not metabolic sickness or anything. It's just what it says: a person accumulates too much "wind" in their body. It's caused by humidity, warm temperature but high exposure with the breezing wind. So if you like walking around on the beach shirtless for too long, there's high chances you are going to get "trapped wind". At the beginning, a person starts farting a lot and very frequently (it's getting rid of excess "trapped wind"), then followed up by feeling weakness, drop in body temperature, feeling nausea, loss of appetite then aggressive diarrhea. It usually goes away within a week or so.

    "Trapped Wind" is relatively a new sickness to western medicine, but TCM and eastern medicine already know treat it. The locals also know how to recognize the symptoms very quickly and apply preventative measures. There is this oil (I forgot what it's called) that they use topically on the skin to open up the pores and let the "trapped wind" out of the body. They deal with this sickness very frequently so they don't sweat about it as much as foreign visitors. No doctor visits are needed. The knowledge is passed via families and relatives.

    I don't know anything about being short "hormone" and longer livespan, but SE Asians are very skinny and short because they don't eat much compared to Westerners. Their Burger King are smaller, their french fries servings are smaller etc. Whenever I'm there I always eat at least two times the portions of the locals. I assume it has something to do with their economic situation since the richer crowds (especially the young kids of rich families) are occasionally 6 footers and bigger in size. But for the most part they don't eat that much for whatever reasons.

    Being skinny is partially the result of living in high humidity and warm temperature. Being sweaty a lot everyday :)