World IQ Scores Are Declining

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    Peat mentioned in one of his recent interviews that the population has been getting dumber as a result of PUFA overexposure. I posted a few studies on declining grip strength, sperm counts, and T levels all of which are good surrogates for general health. However, the most sensitive biomarker of systemic health is likely intelligence and some studies have shown declining SAT scores in Western populations.
    This study below shows that the trend is general and likely affects the entire world. I am not surprised given that PUFA-laden diets, and exposure to stress and toxins has been spreading like wildfire to underdeveloped nations and perhaps the only people who are unaffected are ones living on remote islands in the Pacific or southern Indian oceans.

    Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing | Daily Mail Online
    The decline of the world's IQ - ScienceDirect

    "...Dysgenic fertility means that there is a negative correlation between intelligence and number of children. Its presence during the last century has been demonstrated in several countries. We show here that there is dysgenic fertility in the world population quantified by a correlation of −0.73 between IQ and fertility across nations. It is estimated that the effect of this has been a decline in the world's genotypic IQ of 0.86 IQ points for the years 1950–2000. A further decline of 1.28 IQ points in the world's genotypic IQ is projected for the years 2000–2050. In the period 1950–2000 this decline has been compensated for by a rise in phenotypic intelligence known as the Flynn Effect, but recent studies in four economically developed countries have found that this has now ceased or gone into reverse. It seems probable that this “negative Flynn Effect” will spread to economically developing countries and the whole world will move into a period of declining genotypic and phenotypic intelligence. It is possible that “the new eugenics” of biotechnology may evolve to counteract dysgenic fertility."
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    I think the main cause of decreasing IQs in the west is increasing immigration from lower IQ countries. It doesn't seem that these studies control for immigration history.
    This map of IQ by country explains a lot of whats going on.
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    Dysgenic fertility already happened, we already have smaller brains than our paleolithic ancestors.

    Just as agriculture allowed dumb people to survive, so will the internet and social media.

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    The higher your t3 is the bigger your brain and the higher your intelligence, because thyroid hormones are extremely important for brain development.
    Also the higher your metabolism the higher your anabolic and androgenic hormones are like test, DHT, HGH , igf are all also responsible for typicial big alpha head, skull, brain.
    Also Raypeat mentioned that ppl with higher t3 are in all ways more intelligence