Women: How Did Progesterone Affect Your Shape/appearance?


Jun 25, 2017
Did your breasts increase or decrease? No change? What about buttocks? Hips? Thighs? Did your face become "bony" or soft? Did "size" of eyes increase or decrease? Did it cause a glow? Did skin color/tone change? Darker or lighter?

Any detailing of changes would be appreciated, including dose.

Nicole W.

Nov 28, 2016
Did your breasts increase or decrease? No change? What about buttocks? Hips? Thighs? Did your face become "bony" or soft? Did "size" of eyes increase or decrease? Did it cause a glow? Did skin color/tone change? Darker or lighter?

Any detailing of changes would be appreciated, including dose.
I’ve been using progesterone for about 3 years and during most of that time I would say that I was probably not using enough. I would try to take 10mg daily during the second half of my cycle but I wasn’t super consistent. Sometimes it would make me feel bad so I’d stop. When you don’t take enough or are inconsistent, and you are estrogen dominant, it can cause significant weight gain around the middle and also breast enlargement. The breast enlargement is just fat or water retention. It’s the type of weight gain that you’d see on an older woman, not a young one where weight would accumulate below the waist on the hips and thighs. Using progesterone, but not enough, really seems to increase the estrogenic symptoms. At that time, I was trying to be cautious with the amount I was supplementing but I think when it comes to progesterone, more is probably better. At least for the first 2-3 months.
As time went on, I learned it was important to actively block estrogen production and also to improve estrogen detoxification. I use all the Peat recommended methods along with CDG for that purpose.
Now I feel like weight is very, very slowly coming off my midsection and breasts. I gained about 20 lbs overall and just recently has there been a shift due to increased progesterone supplementation. I’m currently taking 10-15 mg daily for the 2nd & 4th week of my cycle and 20-25 mg daily for the 3rd week. The first week is the week of my period. So I’m using progesterone for 3 weeks a month with one week off..
Additionally, I find progesterone to be amazing for hair and nails. My hair has that heavy, almost waxy feel that it had when I was in my 20’s— not the dry, light and thin feeling that is typical of middle aged people. I always have had good nails but they are even better with progesterone. Long and strong, despite all the abuse my hands suffer. Skin seems to be more moisturized and resilient. Skin color is about the same. I am definitely still darker than I was as a teen or young adult, progesterone has not made me lighter.
I would say that progesterone use generally gives a woman many of the “perks” of pregnancy... like good hair, good nails and good skin. That’s probably how I would characterize it in a nutshell.
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