Women Gains 70 Pounds While Only Eating 2 Days Per Week


Jun 17, 2020

This young lady has been staying at what is known as "Snake Diet Fat Camp" where the leader, Cole Robinson, leads them in a prolonged fasting regimen. This lady has been trough hell at this camp, and I can only imagine how it has been throughout her whole life. We can see how much this lady is struggling with this DIEt. Yet, she is even staying with the founder of the "snake diet" and she is struggling beyond belief. Imagine all the others who have lost their health due to this Cult but do not have the platform to speak about it. What is even more sad is the comments which are enabling this eating disorder. Using terms such as "food addiction" and calling her an "addict". This is the harsh reality of online cults that form in which neurotic, insecure, and "eating disordered" individuals congregate together and go un-critisized. It reminds me of veganism.

Personally, the Snake Diet community destroyed my health for the past year. I am still young enough to recover from this fad diet, but I can hardly imagine the pain of an older human who was put through this torture. I personally lost all of my testosterone (no reproductive function, it even hurt to.... you know what), no appetite, anxiety and depression for the first time in my life, social isolation (lost many relationships and even almost lost friends), body dysphoria, gym addiction, and massive neurosis (that I incorrectly labelled as spirituality). I am thankful that I found Peat and also took the courage to eat freely following a high sugar high cholesterol high saturated fat diet, plus eating random foods when I want to. I have found inner peace at most times thanks to Peat.


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Jun 17, 2020
Which comes back to estrogen, cortisol, etc right?
Probably stress related. Im not really into all that stuff, I’m more down to earth. Its just an energy mineral vitamin deficiency. causes long term inflammation and degenerative disease.


Mar 12, 2017
You wanna lose weight? Just stop eating. The fat just melts off. Along with everything else...


and...... thats why the Master Cleanse is superior to The Snake Diet thing..... lemon cleanses , maple syrup - minerals and sugar , cayenne, - a cleanser , salt water flush cleans the colon- gets the salt in-
ok, ill stop lols


Feb 28, 2020
So what is she gaining? Water weight?
A lot of water weight but also a lot of fat. She must have been consuming a ridiculous amount of calories on the weekends.
Let’s assume her TDEE while fasted (fasting temporarily slows metabolic rate) is 1500kcal x 5 days = 7500kcal deficit = ~2lbs fat mass lost, probably 8-12lbs water weight lost
She says on the weekends she would eat and put the weight she lost straight back on.
Meaning 1500kcal x 7 = 10500kcal / 2 days = 2x 5250kcal binges to replenish the ~2lbs fat lost, plus all the extra glycogen/water weight.


Jul 9, 2020
Yeah, that's the dude who always makes those "hey fatty" videos isn't it? This is bad, some of those comments on the channel is pretty disgusting too, reinforcing negative behavior. Hope this lady isn't a diabetic, fasting and/or ketosis is the last thing they need. My sister is a diabetic, when she was doing low carb she could take 90 units of insulin and her blood glucose wouldn't budge from 280, sometimes even go higher.
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