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    Ray Peat used to be on Wikipedia's EFA article: ... =417750641
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    Oct 14, 2012
    Its back in there.

    I edited it back in and will continue to do so if someone else deletes it.

    It now reads:

    "Biologist Ray Peat Phd has claimed there are flaws in the studies showing the need for ω-3 and ω-6 (also called n-3 and n-6) fats. He further claims that EFA deficiencies have been reversed by adding B vitamins (Particularly B6) or a fat-free liver extract to the diet. In his view, 'the optional dietary level of the "essential fatty acids" might be close to zero, if other dietary factors were also optimized.'[14] However, these views are contrary to the scientific consensus. Essential fatty acids should not be confused with essential oils, which are "essential" in the sense of being a concentrated essence."

    I was not responsible for the original edit.
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    But I just noticed it now appears twice. The exact same text about Ray Peat appears in two different sections.