Why Would Gelatin Specifically Cause Me To Feel "wired"?


Jun 16, 2020
I remember that a few years ago, consuming a large amount of gelatin consistently made me feel "on-edge, teetery, irritable, impulsive". I tried a few glasses of OJ at different times one morning with gelatin. Then during the afternoon, I felt extremely wired, and it's not something even caffeine is capable of doing. It's specific to gelatin. It's strange that I remember feeling like that only an hour or so after consuming it in the past, yet it took so many hours for it to have this effect this time.

This was great lakes gelatin added to cold juice (the orange one that doesn't dissolve, vs the green one that apparently does). If it's simply a bacterial overgrowth issue, why wouldn't it cause depression or any other issue? Why would it specifically cause this wired feeling?

Gelatin is supposed to be relaxing. Maybe it's an induced low serotonin state?


Feb 13, 2016
Probably increasing sensitivity to adrenaline. I think things that lower serotonin do that initially until you adapt to them.


Jan 25, 2016
Gelatin is high in histamine and mast cell activation liberating


Mar 3, 2016
If you're hypersensitivte to MSG and glutamate then maybe the free glutamic acid in the gelatin could cause a bad recation. Theoretically the glycine, leucine, and lysine should outweigh the glutamate, but maybe if you're hypersensitve to glutamate, for whatever reason, this might not be the case.

"This was great lakes gelatin added to cold juice (the orange one that doesn't dissolve"
Oh, maybe it just wasn't dissolved fully then. If you eat undisolved gelatin you're in for a rough time, it's really hard on the intestines.
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