Why testosterone, dht makes me more fatigue?


Jul 28, 2018
My testosterone is on low side, DHT is just little below border. I tried in past 10 years many things. What I don't understand is this:

When I tried 7 years ago testosterone gel I felt a nice boost in libido instantly in hour or before, no doubt. Also got morning woods. Now if I try testosterone gel or DHT drops I don't feel anything at all, absolutely nothing. And after 2 days of using it I feel more fatigue.

I was thinking if the problem is about cortisol. But my cortisol is not so bad. I even tried adding hydrocortisone just to see if cortisol is the problem.

Could be something about dopamine/serotonine balance? Maybe boosting dopamine is causing serotonin levels to be too low?

Rave re-peat

Jan 29, 2021
Hmm have you done some blood tests generally? Like whats your B12, vitamin D, Zinc and Iron levels like? Anabolics increases blood synthesis if you already struggling with fatigue it could be something like iron deficiency. Your body might not have enough iron to produce the extra blood. Id look into that if I where you.


May 1, 2016
A finding in those with higher testosterone levels is more tiredness after meals. Sorry can't find studies at the moment. My speculation: could be that the higher androgens response results in lower stress hormones concomitantly and signals body to sleep rather than being propped awake by cortisol and adrenaline. So perhaps allow yourself more sleep. May be similar to the universal increased sleep need which exercise typically creates as part of the recovery and hormetic/building process.


Jun 23, 2020
Could be a whole host of factors.
Exogenous androgen use decreases thyroid function on numerous levels - loss of testicular TRH, increased estradiol leading to elevated TBG and decreased peripheral T4 -> T3, etc.
Decreases in other upstream hormones like preg, prog, dhea.
Altered cortisol as you already mentioned.
Estrogen-induced increase in prolactin and serotonin.
Exacerbated sleep apnea.
Iron overload from testosterone's suppression of hepacidin.
Simply not using enough since gel has such a poor absorption, so as soon as your natural production shuts down in a month or so your levels go back to being low.
The list could go on; would need detailed bloodwork to get the proper picture.


May 16, 2018
Two reasons:

1) androgens oppose cortisol which is probably where you got your energy from all these years if your androgens are low

2) sleep is agitated and of poor quality on androgens
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