Why Does Aspirin Lower My Bilirubin?


Mar 15, 2014
I have Gilbert's syndrome, meaning I have asymptomatic slightly elevated bilirubin in the absence of liver dysfunction. It's supposed to be a benign condition.

Taking aspirin lowers the bilirubin on my bloodwork (even though most mainstream health sites say it should increase the bilirubin), and also makes my eyes look whiter with a higher canthal tilt (coffee gives me the same eye improvement but makes me crash)

I've also noticed that without aspirin, I can give myself lower bilirubin by eating a very high sugar low protein diet--although this makes me feel much worse.


Jun 15, 2020
"Bilirubin: This is a substance that the body produces when red blood cells break down. It’s excreted through urine and stool. High amounts can indicate liver disease."

It seems it's a good thing that aspirin lowers bilirubin.


May 16, 2018
Interesting find.

I myself have had quite an elevated bilirubin level in the past, along with high liver enzymes.
Liver flushes have ameliorated that.

I'd be curious to know the mechanism behind Aspirin being able to achieve that, since it's commonly referred to as a liver burdener.
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