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White Tongue, Blocked Ears Constantly (Histamines?)

  1. Hey guys!

    Ever since starting Peat I have struggled with a white-coated tongue and stuffy, blocked ears. Often, my ears get so blocked that I wake up and can't hear anything on the ear I have been sleeping on. This resolves after a little shaking and cleaning, but sometimes it just blocks out completely and I have to pay for professional cleaning by the doc who says they are incredibly stuffed.

    I am suspecting histamine. I was reading a couple of threads on the forum and it seems like blocked ears, white tongue, sinuses all these are connected and can be triggered by histamine, or by other things.

    What is apparent to me, is that this happens mostly after I sleep. It doesn't matter if I just take a one hour nap or a full nights sleep, but I wake up with horrible coated tongue, itchy, stuffed ears, bad breath. Sleep quality sucks, too.

    Nowadays it doesn't matter what I eat. It happens whether or not I eat "Peaty", a lot of sugar, starches, carbs, juices, sodas, just water, fruit, veges, meat ...

    Any ideas?
  2. Could be low level chronic “thrush” ie a yeast infection. Common cause of coated tongue and can also colonise nasal and ear passages
  3. Sounds like yeast overgrowth probably because of dairy and sugar.
  4. I pretty much quit dairy a while ago and it still happens constantly. Sugar I mainly consume when I drink a coke but that's it. How do I get rid of yeast infections?
  5. eating bitter things like celery often get rid of my white tongue. i still have a clogged nose when i wake up similar to you though
  6. Dr. Ellie's oral-biome program helped me with my coated tongue. And I did have an ear-canal problem for a while--it felt like moisture that made the canal sides stick together. That finally resolved when I wasn't paying attention, but it was after I started Dr. Ellie's program. See this big thread for more info:

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