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Where do you get your oysters?

  1. I found fresh oysters in the meat department today at the store. First time I've seen them in 6 months. I consider myself lucky because I find them (and liver) absolutely delicious. Problem here is that I don't think they will have them in stock for long, and I want a reliable source for them. Where do you guys get them?
  2. I go between the overpriced, fresh and shucked oysters at Whole Foods that cost $8.99 a can and the $2.00 canned Crown Prince oysters in olive oil that you can buy on Amazon or at Trader Joe's.
  3. Didn't even know about those ones on amazon. Just ordered a bunch. Thanks.
  4. Yes, thanks for the heads up Austin, those have been out of stock so long that I'd given up on them.