When Glycogen Stores Are Too Low

Discussion in 'mayweatherking' started by mayweatherking, May 22, 2016.

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    Aug 18, 2015
    So if glycogen stores are too low, then your body will basically start burning PUFA instead of sugar from the diet if I am getting that correct?

    So the order goes, sugar you put in your body, if that is out, then glycogen storage will kick in, and if that is out, then your body will start burning fat and start increasing cortisol?

    How much carbs does it really take to increase glycogen stores do you guys think? I ate close to two jars of honey yesterday and at least 60oz of OJ and I feel loads better today. I wonder if my glycogen stores were severely depleted or something even though I have been peating for so long.

    I just kept eating honey or OJ to keep my temperature up, then when I had protein if my temp went down, I again jumped on a bunch of either of them to keep it up again and just wound up eating a ton of that.