whats bad about alkaloids [potatoe peel]


Jan 22, 2013
Re: whats bad about alkaloids

alkaloids are basically responsible for anything that tastes bitter or soapy in foods, so many common spices and herbs have some alkaloids (caffeine and theobromine are alkaloids). They are often considered antioxidants (beneficial) yet astringent tannins (antinutrients)...its kinda unclear which aspect of them outweighs the other. Some things like solanine in potato's skin will make you throw up and really doesn't produce any desirable results so I'm sure we can all agree its not something valuable...but alkaloids like caffeine, resveratrol, nicotine, aspirin (white willow's bark) and the many others that are in most medicinal or spice herbs and teas are good for some in certain situations, and bad for others in certain situations...and the dosing can also make the difference. I think as far as alkaloids are concerned, Ideally you'd live a life and in an environment where'd youd never need them and would naturally have an aversion to bitter tastes (like a baby), but as we eat more things and experience benefits from them in certain situations, our bodies remember and will crave or call out for them despite possibly being antinutrients, the physiological response they create could be overall more beneficial if it leads to certain results or feelings over time. A very personal, day to day balance I'd say....a little salt and/or sugar usually help bitters go down better when you want to consume them
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