What Is The Best Big Brand Orange Juice?


Jul 24, 2018
First time poster, long time lurker. I'm from a tiny town with limited options when it comes to more natural (or non-pasteurized) orange juices. In the title, when I write 'best', I definitely mean more optimal. I know I could squeeze my own oranges, but it would probably be cheaper and way more convenient just buying orange juice outright. I've searched but have found inconclusive answers. I did see a couple of posters say that commercial OJs would be better to consume than no OJ at all. Thoughts?


Dec 8, 2016
Go to Dan Wich’s site:

He has spent countless hours researching and posting results on OJ and a dozen more products.

Arnold Grape

Jan 24, 2017
If you live by a Trader Joe's the Organic Orange Juice is passable at $4.50, but for one dollar more the Cold Pressed oj is all I buy currently. (Not pasteurized.) There is a similar brand cold pressed orange juice that Whole Foods sells in USA, but I cannot remember the name - it's like eight or nine dollars, though.


Nov 14, 2017
The OJ I buy is "President's Choice" brand, which is just store brand from Loblaws/Superstore, like Kirkland brand to Costco. I think Loblaws is a Canadian company.

It tastes much sweeter than Tropicana, so that might be good, although I think its modeled after Simply Orange, and both brand use flavour packs, so...

Kirkland doesnt sell their OJ in our Costcos for some reason, and we dont have Trader Joe's. :inpain::inpain::inpain:


Aug 28, 2018
Is Tropicana a decent brand? I think I prefer smooth OJ without fiber/pulp.


Thread starter
Jul 24, 2018
No Trader Joe's here, unfortunately. Really small town with limited options. Actually may be moving to central Florida next year, but unsure. I'm sure there's inevitably some decent options down there for orange juice by proxy.


Mar 17, 2016
Pretty sure CostCo discontinued the Kirkland Signature store brand of frozen OJ. Now they just sell the "Sunshine" brand.
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