What is Niacinimide used for - and do you use it?


Aug 9, 2013
Would be interested to know what Niacinimide is used for, who uses it, and what results you get from it?



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Jan 4, 2012
Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide inhibits the release of free fatty acids from the tissues, and thyroid sustains the oxidation of glucose.

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide inhibits nitric oxide synthesis (Fukuzawa, et al., 1997; Fujimura, et al., 1997) and protects against some of its toxic effects (Narang and Krishna, 2005). Women are more likely than men to be deficient in niacin, and are twice as likely to develop pellagra from a niacin deficiency. This is because estrogen shifts tryptophan metabolism toward the formation of serotonin, and away from synthesizing niacin. Niacin has many other effects that would be beneficial in multiple sclerosis, for example inhibiting the release of free fatty acids from tissues.

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide protects mitochondrial respiration from many of the age-related factors that can damage mitochondria and decrease energy production. Lipopolysaccharide, the bacterial endotoxin, increases the production of the free radical nitric oxide, leading to the secretion of inflammatory mediators and the suppression of energy production by the mitochondria. These effects are blocked by niacinamide (Fukuzawa, et al., 1997). Calorie restriction also protects mitochondrial respiration, in yeasts (Lin, et al., 2002) and rats (Broderick, et al., 2002)

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide can have an “antiinflammatory” function, preventing death from multiple organ failure, by interupting the reactions to nitric oxide and peroxynitrile (Cuzzocrea, et al., 1999).

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide, used in moderate doses, can safely help to restrain the excessive production of free fatty acids, and also helps to limit the wasteful conversion of glucose into fat. There is evidence that diabetics are chronically deficient in niacin. Excess fatty acids in the blood probably divert tryptophan from niacin synthesis into serotonin synthesis.

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide is a nutrient that inhibits the release of fatty acids, and it also activates phagocytic activity and lowers phosphate. It protects against the development of scars in spinal cord injuries, facilitates recovery from traumatic brain injury, and accelerates healing generally. While it generally supports immunity, it’s protective against autoimmunity. It can cause tumor cells to either mature or disintegrate, but it prolongs the replicative life of cultured cells, and protects against excitotoxicity.

The amounts needed seem large if niacinamide is thought of as “vitamin B3,” but it should be considered as a factor that compensates for our unphysiological exposure to inappropriate fats. Aspirin and vitamin E are other natural substances that are therapeutic in “unnaturally” large amounts because of our continual exposure to the highly unsaturated plant-derived n-3 and n-6 fats.

Ray Peat said:
Suppressing fatty acid oxidation improves the contraction of the heart muscle and increases the efficiency of oxygen use (Chandler, et al., 2003). Various drugs are being considered for that purpose, but niacinamide is already being used to improve heart function, since it lowers the concentration of free fatty acids.

Ray Peat said:
Niacinamide, by lowering free fatty acids and regulating the redox system, supporting sugar oxidation, is useful in the whole spectrum of metabolic degenerative diseases.


Jan 16, 2013
I've been taking up to 2g a day recently. Really, really helped my terrible insomnia. Every day has been a great day in terms of physical energy. It is pretty well known for its anti-anxiety effects and I've definitely felt that too, although I didn't have issues there, I just feel more ambitious.

Big stack of Peat quotes:
http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2012/0 ... acinamide/


Oct 27, 2013
I started on my B1, Niacinamide, brain-combo yesterday so will update with progress. It did seem to give me a BIG boost of energy. I was a little manic and hyper from it, but this is SOOOOO much better than feeling exhausted and brain-dead. And slept better, so it did not disturb my sleep.
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