what else should i be doing?


Aug 22, 2013
I've been following Peat for about 3 months now-- mainly changes diet: using sugar in coffee, gelatin, added OJ, cutting down on muscle meat, lots of fruits, raw carrot. Calories are around 2000 everyday. I'm 5'4" and normal weight.

I take an aspirin occasionally, and vitamin E when dining out.

No diagnosed health problems, but people have pointed out that my free T3 is on the low side (2.59). TSH 0.63, T4 0.92. Trig and WBC also low.

Sleep is not so good, waking around 4-5am, and can't go back to sleep. I'm nursing a toddler, and she still wakes up at night.

Exercise is minimal-- some swimming, some gentle yoga.

Hair is still thin and grows slowly.

I began taking my temps this week, and found the range to be 36.1-36.6C. Still on the low side. Pulse ranges from high 60s-70s. I have to use a blanket at night, but my toddler sweats in 79C room.

I'm just wondering what else I could be doing at this point to improve my health?


Feb 20, 2013
Sleep problem usually happens due to lack of glycogen or endotoxin.
Pectin in Orange and apple can be a source of gut irritation.
There is a list of peat friendly fruits on the forum.
Eating simple food after sunset helps with sleep.
A glass of milk with 2-3 TBS of sugar/honey and some salt is a great sleeping aid.
If you are milk intolerant, then any salty and sugary food will do the same job.
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