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What does Ray think of antioxidants and high antioxidant food?


Jan 3, 2015
Like plums, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc

Antioxidants, benefical, harmful, don't do anything?


"The main plant substances that are now being called antioxidants are, most them are polyphenolic compounds, there's almost 100% overlap between the polyphenolic as antioxidants and the polyphenolic as estrogren"

"40 years ago these same compounds were classed as tannins and 50-60 years ago someone had discovered that the tannins helped to heal the skin of a burned man. Prevents the seeping and stuff, after doing that for 20-30 years they discovered they were a carcinogen."

"The people who were treated topically with tannins developed skin cancer"

"The very same substances that are now called antioxidants and estrogrens used to be called tannins"

"Vitamin E is the famous, oldest, sold antioxidant, when it was first discovered it was called the fertility vitamin by the shoot family in the 1900s, found that it not only made infertile women, more fertile by analogy with what (?) did 30 years ago he knew that women who had excessive estrogen often suffered from blood cots, strokes and problems in the lungs. Vitamin e not only made them fertile but prevented the clotting problems, the clotting effect was part of the estrogen effect. Vitamin e was known to intensify effects of unsaturated fats in oxidizing, it catalyzed their conversion into age pigment interacting with iron and polyunsaturated fats. So it was an oxidant, clot former and antifertility, proinflammatory. So as the oil industry has been promoting seed oils, first for animal fattening, they found that the animals were suffering from brain diseases and testicular degeneration. The vitamin e did indeed protect against the toxic effects of polyunsaturated fats. This was a very sudden shift away from vitamin e as an antiestrogen to an antioxidant."

"If vitamin e was just protecting against oxidation, all you would need is fresh oil and vitamin e, they [the seed oil industry] suppressed the idea that vitamin e was an anticlotting agent or antiestrogen"

Very interesting!

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