What Does Ray Peat Think About Methylation?


Apr 26, 2013
Ray Peat seems to give a lot of attention to gelatine and glycine which is involved in methylation and also calcium. Dr. Borkin seems to think balancing methylation is crucial, the most important factors for methylation are Magnesium, B-12,folic acid and B-6. Methylation is involved in proper protein methabolism.

Chris Masterjonh did a article on this not too much ago:

" http://www.westonaprice.org/vitamins-an ... d-and-evil "


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe


Feb 20, 2013
I asked him about this not too long ago. If you're referring to like MTHFR mutations and alike, he believes that they just create inefficiencies that can be countered by more nutrition.... Whether or not it is true, IDK...


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda

[Emphasis might not have been added, it can be him shouting those parts]

"Luther Burbank was a person who explored the influence of the environment. Many biologists, from the time of Lamarck, down through Barbara McClintock — who was ignored until just about twenty years ago (they sort of pulled her out of obscurity before she died) — these people had demonstrated that the need for a function could elicit the function in an organism. So that a stressful environment would cause changes in the chromosomes. Barbara McClintock referred to "jumping genes", but these things were actual movement of DNA elicited by stress in the environment. And all of these people, for almost two hundred years, were excluded from science by a very dogmatic view of genetics. All of the dogmatic views of the geneticists of the 20th century are now defunct completely. But they live on in practice in medicine. Last year, several dozen people have asked me what to do, because they've discovered that there are mutant DNA tests."

"There are a couple of popular genes that almost everyone has a mutated form of, but actually these make almost no difference in health or function. Very slight nutritional requirement difference. If you look at identical twins, despite that fact that all of their DNA is identical and they experience the same environment in the uterus, and most of them experience very similar environments because of their social economic level… despite all of those genetic and environment overlaps, when you look at a serious disease, there is very little overlap. For example, if one twin has rheumatoid arthritis, there's only a 12% incidence of it in the other twin. And that's now well recognized, but still the gene testing industry is trying to sell the idea that you get sick if you have certain mutated genes."

"[..]they put 40 mice I think was in a stimulating environment and found that just by the choices they made in their daily life they became very different in personality and behavior, just by where they happened to go in the environment influencing what they learned, and over their lifetime they became very recognizable individuals. And that would really upset medicine if they had to consider everyone as a unique individual, all the way down to the way their genes worked, because there would be no exact definition of a disease, it would be "your disease, this month”.

"[..]what it is in the animals in that mice study perhaps that made the individual mice do things differently that gave them the better outcome there?

Possibly just which one was the first one to be weaned and wander off and have an experience and that stimulated them in a way that the others didn't experience. The genes are being used constantly, everything you do is using your genes in a certain way, that varies according to whether you're awake or asleep for example.

But if you're starving, day after day, this is going to pull up an accumulation of changes, not just the quick on-and-off effect of day and night, or incidental experiences, but it will accumulate sort of an inertia and layer after layer will be laid down in the stuff around your genes, attaching carbon atoms to the DNA itself, and attaching a great variety of molecules to the proteins that handle the genes, the histones that surround the chromosomes and move the genes to make them accessible for copying and functioning. These are relatively easy to change, the methylation is a little more sluggish, and when you are in an extremely stressful situation a lot of your genes get turned off (methylated especially), and those can be identified in the chromosomes that you inherit from your father or mother specifically. So if your father had a very hard life, you can identify the highly methylated genes in your chromosomes that came from that hard life.

And in animal experiments it takes several generations for a very bad generation's experience to be removed when they're put into a normal environment. But if you put them into a super-environment like the.. --Enriched environment.-- ..enriched, yeah, it's very stimulating, you can repair the previous generation's damage very quickly, and some nutrients and drugs can do that, remove methyl groups from the DNA and attach more of the opening groups to the histones."
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