What Does Ray Peat Say About Nitrites?


Jun 18, 2013
Deli meats are very popular and common in Europe. Mortadella,pancetta, ham, prosciutto, sausages,bacon,....
Its really hard to avoid this foods.

There is absoulutely no nitrite-free version of this foods, so are nitrites safe?

Until now I taught they were safe, they say that vegetables contain nitrites too in much higher concentrations and your saliva to, but they were misleading, vegetables and saliva contain NITRATES AND NOT NITRITES. Shocking thing is wikipedia states when the US lowered the legal standard for PPM of nitrates in meat cancer rates dropped. Wow, thats a good proof for me that this stuff its not safe. O is it?
Nov 26, 2013
you can get bacon nitrate free fro m a farmer.
I remember buying it at Kroger as well. It seemed to be less tasty, to be honest. Really makes you wonder if it's truly added to preserve the bacon.


Mar 1, 2013
they use a huge amount of salt instead and it tastes better if it straight from a farmer.
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