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What Does A Bad Reaction To Vitamin E Feel Like?

  1. I've finally pinpointed some horrible woozy experiences to a vitamin e concentrate:
    Natural Vitamin E - d-mixed Tocopherols Concentrate 70L

    I think it's extracted from Soy and blended with sunflower oil and not food grade:
    INCI name: Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

    D- Tocopherol in total Tocopheryls (%): > 80.00
    a-Toccopherol (%): 6.0 – 14.0
    Beta and gamma Toccopherol (%): 40.0 – 45.0
    Delta Toccopherol (%): 14.0 – 25.0
    Total Tocopherols: 70

    I took less than 300mg on Sunday and Monday, just started to feel normal again today (Thursday), symptoms included weak shaky muscles (when going down the stairs or holding a cup), slightly swimming vision, stumbling when walking a couple of times, pounding heart and waking up before my alarm two mornings

    previously I felt like I'd had loads of coffee and couldn't stop talking and not being able to focus when driving

    Basically the opposite to any calming effect I was hoping for. I don't know if I took too much, are you supposed to build up the dosage?

    What are other people feeling when they don't get on with a certain brand?
  2. I think I'm experiencing the same thing right now My muscles are completely weak and shaky. I've been taking progest e for many years and then started idealabs e occasionally on my skin in the last couple of months. I read somewhere that e in excess can cause muscle issues.
  3. weird how it's such a small dose but still getting this effect huh

  4. Do you guys and gals consuming plain sugar? I would
    take an B-complex higher dosed to make absolutely sure this is not a Bvitamin-deficiency from
    peating with plain sugar. i mean it that way.
    muscle issues are neurological issues,it probably doesnt come from the vitamin e,its just time-coincidence.
    Also,no non-foodgrade supplements.
  5. I eat a couple of teaspoons of honey but also lots of liver, I may have had a similar reaction to iodine one time it's hard to know
  6. You were right! I literally ran myself into the ground from lack of nutrition and over doing metabolism boosting supplements. I'm hopefully back on track somewhat with a way more nutrient dense diet and less supplement usage...People, don't ramp up your metabolism without adequate nutrition!! It sucks bad and now I owe a lot in medical bills due to er visit and drs.
  7. I was so SURE it was the vitamin e, but nope turns out was homemade NDT :flushed: (bf knew right away and asked 'are you taking any weird glands again')

    a fortnight after stopping it was okay lifting heavy boxes at work without my knees going to jelly, then tested the vitamin e oil separately for two weeks and didn't have any kind of reaction. What I don't understand is I increased the dosage ever so slowly over months and it did nothing the whole time then suddenly made me feel bad