What Am I Making (magnesium, Glycine)


Apr 29, 2017
I've been making magnesium water by adding CO2 to water, magnesium carbonate, and some baking soda, using a sodastream. This works really well to make a tasty mineral water. Today I had the possibly strange idea of adding some glycine to this. It makes a tasty, slightly sweet, very slightly cloudy, solution. Oddly enough, adding the glycine seemed to make more of the magnesium dissolve into the water (usually there is some mag carb left over in the bottom after awhile).

It tastes very good, like that sweetness water seems to have when you're very thirsty.

What I'm wondering is what compounds are in this water? I know nothing about chemistry, so please bare with me if this is a stupid question. Have I made a solution of magnesium glycinate? Have I made something else? Is this safe to drink?


May 17, 2018
hmm, not sure what reactions might be occurring in your reaction vessel, the CO² forms carbonic acid... this reacts with MgOxide to form MgCarbonate... perhaps it's turning your MgCarbonate into the Bicarbonate form?

Re the Glycine, there could be something going on there... here's a useful link on it's chemical background... Glycine - Molecule of the Month - April 2010 (HTML version)

This might be relevent!
Amino acids can join together in a condensation reaction, when the amine group of one molecule reacts with the carboxylic acid group of a second molecule, eliminating a molecule of water. They form a peptide link (-CO-NH-). Two amino acids form a dipeptide; three form a tripeptide and so on.
Forming tasty multi-linked peptides using CO² and glycine lol?

You could even incorporate ascorbic/salicylic acid into the mix, to make some of it's funky salt forms... I've been making Magnesium/Calcium/Sodium salts of salicylic acid using basic filtered water... good fun. Magnesium Salicylate is a great combination.

Another potential option would be organic egg shell mineral's... first separate the minerals from the thin inner membrane... manually or chemically; by mixing crushed shells, water & salicylic acid (low heat + stirring helps the reaction) ... untill the shell dissolves satisfactorily; then filter/strain your solution of: egg shell mineral salicylate salts.
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