What About Spirulina? Has Anyone Seen Results Or Success With It?

Sep 21, 2017
United States - Iowa
I tried it in my smoothies and juicing recipes for about a month and did not really notice anything different in relation to it's proposed benefits.

Maybe I didn't try it long enough, or the dosage was too low?..although I was having twice what was recommended, so who knows.

It tastes horrible, literally like pond water, which would make sense because it's algae.


Aug 6, 2015
it's a scam supplement. there are many scam supplements, things like maca powder, goji berries, raw cocoa, chlorella, moringa powder, wheatgrass powder etc.

Although acerola powder seems harmless and is just a fruit powder.

This forum would be passionately against it, it is also anti -thyroid and would lower your body temperature.

It's not a food. the people selling it are liars.
shellfish ,
salt and coconut oil are foods.


Apr 30, 2015
I took it for 9 months about 5 years ago. Anyone who is into health foods basically has to try it at some point if they want to be cool at the health food store.

Got to pretty high doses and had an awful experience. Stay away. Unless your trying to adhere to some vegan ideology, you can get better sources of everything in spirulina with real foods.


Jun 26, 2017
I tried spirulina and as @johnwester130 said it's just like flavouring your shake with pond water, though it didn't do anything noticeable, good or bad, other than ruin a tasty shake.

I found Maca and baobab powder is delicious so I still use those: mainly in dehydrated potato mash I take camping, lightweight meals are extremely difficult to get anywhere near healthy and varied


Mar 1, 2017
I had multiple warts and they all fell off while I was eating a few grams of spirulina daily for a short period.


Sep 28, 2016
It can be healthy but it is very over marketed. I would stay away from it in most circumstances as it is quite anti androgenic.
Feb 4, 2015
It's useless. It contains things called b12 analogues that block the absorption of real b12. It's pond scum.


Mar 16, 2017
Probably high in iron
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