We’re Peatonians More Than Peatarians, Thoughts?


Apr 15, 2020
I don't quite understand your question.
For the time I have been on this forum, the community has various levels of interpretation of Peats' work.
Going from base value of his articles, to the base values of his articles and email confirmations about his works and stuff he expended upon beyond his articles in interviews or lone statements, to people going off his articles including expension on his works by the seasoned users of this forum like Haidut and Travis, and many other types of user based understanding.
As the forum gets older and the Peat diet evolves (is peat still writing articles :crazy:), some of the users have perhaps developed unorthodox implementations of Peats' diet philosophies and ideals including misuse of his works; like eating too much sugar, and going diabetic and gaining too much fat.
I don't follow a good amount of his principles for example: I still eat muscle meat, turkey to be exact, lots of Trytophen and Iron which is not ideal and I only eat fruit for sugar, I don't take Preg, DHEA and whatever other metabolites and neurosteroids. As time goes on I implement more of his ideas.

But as far as I can see there aren't many fanatical followers of him outside of schizos and Orthorexia Nervosa sufferers, perhaps his ideals are taken a bit far by some or misunderstood.
More education is the solution to this, I myself have not studied it nearly enough as I should. I mean what the hell are Histamines and Endotoxin? What is methene blue or whatever its called? Is that meth?! Why do people want to take aspirin? Where do I even get started on DHEA, Preg, Prog...
What the hell is a carrot?!?!
:hairpull :carrot2:hairpull:carrot
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