weird thing in stool...good or bad?


Nov 21, 2012
Today after i ate some gummies,i felt highly anxious,lethargic and negativeus,started craving grains food,high pufa food/crap,which i have a hard time to give into during such episodes,and i meeded to go to the toilet to pee.
So,at the toilet to pee i also farted a couple of times(sorry for this graphic story) and when i wanted to flush the toilet. I saw this white tentacle looking thing floating. Now,my mood is optim8stic again,no anxiety,but i also feel ravenously hungry with growling stomach. I actually always have a growling stomach very soon after eating some gelatin.

Anyway,i was wondering if this white thing migzhve been yeast or a parasite or something?about a year ago,ive jad this a couple of times too,prior to that never though i had been mainly constipated in the past . So i was wondering if this is a good thing,as in body starting to clear out old crap or that its weak immune&gutsystem susceptible of any kind of detrimental bacteria/parasite?


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Nov 21, 2012
Jenn said:
worms,tape or pin probably. Cayenne, garlic and also thyme are powerful wormers....think Tabasco sauce. ;)

Gelatin is very good for the intestines and repair.
It only happened that. One time,never saw such a thing the following days.
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