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Weird Symptoms On NDT


Apr 14, 2016
I have recently went back on T4 after having switched to NDT for over a year. The switch was due to lack of availability but I also had doubts that somehow the NDT was causing some issues so this was a good chance to test that. I have felt much better, in terms of being more calm not anxious as I have been feeling for a long time. My temps were also better, I wasn't exactly measuring regularly but the feeling of cold hands that was a daily occurrence slowly stopped.

So after getting access to NDT again a few days ago (Metavive III Bovine Thyroid), I started again with 65mg split over two doses, which is supposed to be the equivalent of the 50mcg of T4 I was taking. Since then.

  • The cold hands feeling came back.

  • I started getting a bit of anxiety again, especially when coffee is involved, although my sensitivity to caffeine went away after my switch T4 and I was able to tolerate larger amounts without anxiety symptoms.

  • I also woke up today with a sore throat although I am quite sure I'm not getting sick. This on and off sore throat along with a constant feeling as if I'm fighting some sort of low-grade infection was happening constantly before the switch to T4 and I even had my armpit lymph nodes swell randomly every week or so.

I did have had doubts that the NDT was causing the majority of my issues before. Basically I started adopting Peat's principles in mid 2016 and from then on I improved steadily in terms of both how I felt and blood tests. I was already on T4 and had to lower my dose slowly as my blood results started showing an excess and my TSH was lower than ever. But after some fluctuations in TSH and constantly reading of the "dangers" of taking T4 only, I decided to experiment with NDT. But I never felt 100% on it and the symptoms I mentioned all appeared after I started. It was just never that easy to link them back to the NDT, which I guess is because I was convinced that its somehow better. So I always looked at other aspects, but today I just had a realization that the NDT might just be having a very negative effect on me.


Oct 6, 2013
Even small amounts or NDT irritate my thyroid and cause it to swell/ hurt. I guess you are not alone in that.


Sep 13, 2012
Sounds like you don't need the extra T3 anymore. It's possible. Most people don't have a destroyed thyroid gland and it's a downstream problem.
Nov 27, 2017
Interesting as I'm getting sore throat/feverish feeling/severe discomfort from even tiny doses of thyroid, after being on it for weeks with slight improvement

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