Weight loss, calories, "peat foods" and alot more

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    May 31, 2013
    Hello gang

    Ive been around in this game for a long time esp in terms of calories, weight loss, weight gain and also in terms of nutrition and health.

    I just want to cut short and go straight to the topic and its regarding weight loss.

    RP is all about thyroid, metabolism and eating food that suites it. This is great but this will and should also have an impact on weight loss or more correctly fat loss. Since speeding up metabolism means better chance of loosing excess weight/fat. There has been ALOT of studies published and research surrounding weight loss and there are XXXX amount of people, organisations and what not that try to sell you pills, potions or magic weight loss foods.
    Time and time again it seems like the ONLY thing that matters is calories in vs calories out. We also know that we can influence esp the calories out part. You can do it with training and building muscle but not alot more.
    Alot of people claim that if you do low calorie for a long time you will wreck your metabolism etc etc etc wich has been proven time and time again that doesnt happend. Your metabolism does not fluctuate that much even after insane training and low calories as long as you dont dip below essential bodyfat % wich is 4-5% for men and im not sure how much on females.

    RP talks about coconut oil beeing great in terms of fat loss, sugar much better then starch and even fruit and simple sugar can raise RMR with 20% ?, PUFA slow metabolism etc etc.

    Well it seems like not many people on this forum or that follows peat has managed to increase their basal metabolic rate with just their food and ofc supplement schedule. I havent talked to anyone that have done it, many people say they have but they havent tracked their calories to know if they actually did change it.

    Would be great to hear what you people have to say about it.

    Lets just say 2 identical people did the exact same thing. One ate RP food, milk,eggs,CO,fruit etc etc the other one ate whatever. Both did 2000 calories wich was say 200 calories below maintance. Would the fat loss be identical?

    DISCUSS :)
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    Dec 31, 2012
    Good topic!

    The calories in/calories paradigm is dead to me.

    I'd like to see what studies say that doing low calories for an extended period of time does not negatively impact your metabolism. I've not seen them and that definitely does not correlate with my experience. With all due respect, to say that your metabolism does not fluctuate much after long-term calorie restriction is nonsense! I didn't even think that fact was in dispute?

    If you (not you personally) take the morality or value judgements out of people being fat, you can start to see the other factors in play. I personally believe obesity is caused by inflammation, particularly of the hypothalamus. And of course, eating terrible foods, in large quantities, for a long time, saturating your cells, is very inflammatory. But if you think the only reason someone is fat is because they eat too much (gluttons), or are lazy, then of course the only thing that matters is how many calories you consume or burn. For me, obesity and fatness are a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself.

    Focusing on calories to me leads only to ill-health. This 'lose fat at all costs' mentality is to me one of the reasons we are in the mess we are today. It seems we are willing to compromise our health and longevity on this lie that if we just eat less and move more we won't be fat and sick. I don't know if someone here linked to this article, but it shows the perfect example of 'success' on a calorie-restricted diet. No thanks, I'd rather be fat than live like that poor woman.

    I believe I have lost weight because I eat foods that support efficient cellular respiration and reduce inflammation. The biggest change in me since I discovered Ray Peat (through Matt Stone who I rate) is to think long-term about my health. To make decisions on how the body actually works, with all factors put in context. I would never cut calories now knowing how I need to support my body to heal and then maintain my health. I believe if I give my body all the calories and nutrients it needs, get plenty of sleep, have fun, get lots of light etc. it will heal, and I believe healing means losing weight if that is what the body requires at a particular time. There is no force in this process.

    And as for your example on eating 2000 calories per day for a 200 calorie deficit, how do you know what your calorie requirements are day to day, week to week etc.? In the CICO world, if you eat 100 calories more than you require each day , you would put on 10 pounds each year. Not much room for error there! I mean you really don't know exactly how many calories are in the steak you just ate, an orange or some cheese. But if you are out 100 calories, you will be really fat within a few years. It's just a ridiculous premise that I can't believe people are still turning to. I think the stats on dieting/calorie restriction are abysmal.

    There is an obesity researcher - Zoe Harcombe - who has done some interesting work harassing the British government and various health bodies about assumptions they base their recommendations on such as there is 3500 calories in a pound of fat, saturated fat causes heart disease etc. I don't agree with everything she says as she is anti-sugar (snort!), but she challenges beliefs that we take for granted and is worth visting if you think CICO is a valid method of losing weight or gaining health.
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    Feb 23, 2014
    Hi All,
    I'm so glad to have found this thread. I have been following and reading RP for about 2 months now and still have not reached body temperatures above 98.0. It appears to me that unless the body is running at 98.6 or higher fuel is not burned. When I changed from my previous diet, (low to no sugar and lots of greens with 4 oz. protein from chicken,eggs,beef) to a RP diet I gained and am getting nervous since I was overweight to start. I do believe that once I reach 98.6 with a pulse of about 85 I will start to lose as long as I eat "reasonably". Has anyone had this experience?

    I am interested to know how everyone is doing and what they have adapted as their program.

    I agree that we must eat to heal but I don't want to gain any more.

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    The stuff you say was "PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN" are falsehoods and of course weren't proven.

    If you consume the same amount of calories from starch and from orange juice, you get fatter when you eat starches than when you drink orange juice.

    Really, thinking that you get as fat when you eat 3000 calories from soy milk and soy products, vegetable oils, and starches as when you get the same amount of calories from dairy, fruits, and eggs, at this point that is idiocy.