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Wearable Technology For Tracking Pulse/temps

  1. I thought I'd start a post on wearable devices that can help track useful vital signs (pulse, temps etc.). Even though there are plenty of devices in this "smart watch" category, I'm listing devices that track at minimum heart rate and temperature.
    Here is my list, if you know of more, please add:

    Jawbone UP3
    $179.00 usd

    Bluetooth® 4.0 BTLE
    Tri-axis accelerometer
    Heart rate
    Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
    Skin temperature
    Ambient Temperature

    Tracks movement, steps, sleep, heart rate, skin temp, ambient temp and (GSR-sweat/metabolic rate?)
    UP3â„¢ captures your resting heart rate automatically in the mornings a couple of minutes after waking up, before you start moving for the day. No button required.
    Tracking software/app included

    Microsoft Band $199.99 usd

    Optical heart rate sensor
    3-axis accelerometer/gyro
    Ambient light sensor
    Skin temperature sensor
    UV sensor
    Capacitive sensor
    Galvanic skin response
    Haptic vibration motor

    Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy)
    Tracking software

    Tracks movement, steps, sleep, heart rate, skin temp, ambient temp and (GSR-sweat/metabolic rate?)

    Peak from Basis. $199.99 usd

    Optical Heart Rate Sensor
    Galvanic Skin Response
    Skin Temperature
    3-Axis Accelerometer

    Tracks movement, steps, sleep, heart rate, skin temp, ambient temp and (GSR-sweat/metabolic rate?)
    Tracking software/app included

    *Non-wearable device but should be mentioned*

    BREEZING. $349.90 usd
    Measures/ tracks indirect calorimetry* (Measurement of oxygen consumption rate and carbon dioxide production rate),
    Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) or Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), Respiratory Quotient (RQ, Energy Source)
  2. I've tried a number of these but the problem is they don't agree with each other. I had one device that said I burned 3000 calories a day and another that said I burnt 1800, both on the same day.

    They're neat ideas but I am not sure how accurate they are. I'm pretty sure they're getting better but I'm going to wait a couple years for accuracy to improve.
  3. Great idea. What we need for our purposes is pulse and temperature, everything else is superfluous.
  4. Well most of it is superfluous but galvanic skin response can tell the amount of sweat-induced moisture on the skin. Sweat indicates a higher metabolism, possibly an oxidative metabolism. Plus it can tell when you're lying about your love for liver.
    Some have UV detectors which might also indicate how much sun light (red or blue) you are getting - which may be a good reminder to get more red light exposure.
  5. There is a relationship between skin temperature and core temp, but it's far from the same measurement.

    Does the Breezing require wearing a mask over mouth and nose? Direct measurements of oxygen consumption and CO2 production would be interesting, too.
  6. Two new additions to the wearable texhnologies, both for basal temperatures:

    Ear based wireless thermometers- link to apps on phones
    Say they are very accurate when compared to standard methods

    This one either adheres to skin or has an armband. Can be put in the armpit area or close to it
    Records movement for sleep tracking as well
  7. I was planning to try out the Oura ring - a so called 'wellness' computer :lol: Its pretty pricey but the screenshots seem pretty cool. They claim laboratory level accuracy using 'Optical pulse waveform' :ninja

    You can return it within a month which is good as I am not used to wearing rings and I'm not sure how comfortable i'd feel. Still awaiting their android app, their iOS app has been held up by Apple. Hopefully things clear up in the next couple of months.
  8. That's a nice find! I like the ring option.
  9. Theres a lot of research coming out saying that nn-EMF (Non-native electro magnetic fields) are damaging to humans. I.e. mobile phones, microwaves, fridges, wifi etc. I'm gonna hold off on this.
  10. Ive been looking for units that will record and store the data internally, only using the Bluetooth to sync. Some will sync when connected to a station or just when you connect to an app - not continuously running the radio.