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Vitamin K2 Spares A?

Discussion in 'K' started by j., May 26, 2014.

  1. pboy

    pboy Member

    Jan 22, 2013
    an interesting idea...I wonder sometimes if more things in the body are mutable or can be filled in by other substances...im thinking there might be something more
    fundamental. Originally vitamins weren't fully understood, and sometimes only one portion of the molecule was considered the vitamin, and other times it was the whole cascade of enzymes minerals and coenzymes that was considered the vitamin. All the b vitamins were originally just 'vitamin b'. Apparently ascorbic acid isn't actually completely vitamin c, but just a portion of it. It is now known that there are many different types and forms of vitamin a, k and e, where as originally it was kind of unknown and just lumped into the 'vitamin e' or whatever category. Now you even see terms being used frequently such as 'having vitamin e like activity' , or 'vitamin a like activity', or 'fitting into the such and such cycle, or complex, or cascade'...and an interesting thing is that almost every vitamin and simple molecule in the body is just a rearrangement of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with sometimes a mineral attatched. Im completely going out on a limb here, but im thinking perhaps given enough utilizable energy and minerals, the body from there can probably create everything else necessary. Or at least, reality is probably closer to this than the current stringent scientific model, medical model. The things ive witnessed within my own being have hinted at there being much more to the picture, and most of the time it ends of being much easier and more obvious
  2. OP

    j. Guest

    One thing about fat soluble vitamins, that suggests they are really important, is that they're stored for long term use in adipose tissue.