Vitamin D And PTH


Mar 29, 2016
Nice video. Probably too long a video that not many people watched it and made comments. But it's worth the time spent watching and learning from it.

On the 25:30 mark, he begins to say that for most people, 75 ng/ml of D is what he considers the level where PTH levels are deemed to be in the healthy range.

At the 47:20 mark, he talks about most melanoma occur in the least sun-exposed areas. "Occupational sun exposure decreases the risk for melanoma." and "That's not what the dermatologist tells you." It ties up with an article of Dr. Mercola, which after reading it, I realize that it's not much truth to the saying that early morning sun is best for you. You would have to consider the angle of the sun from the horizon, and that when the sun is 50% above the horizon, that is when you should be soaking in the sun, as there is the presence of UV-B. Otherwise, all you're getting at <50 degree is all UV-A. Maximizing Your Vitamin D from Safe Sun Exposure


Jul 29, 2016
I think that's 75 nm/L, the slide has an optimal range of 30-60 ng/ml


Mar 29, 2016
I think that's 75 nm/L, the slide has an optimal range of 30-60 ng/ml
You're right. Thanks. I got confused. I got the SI and the conventional system mixed up.
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