Vitamin B6 deficiency promotes PUFA accumulation in tissues

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    So, make sure you ingest enough vitamin B6 while working to deplete PUFA stores.

    "...In -PN rats, phospholipid levels of linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids were increased, but arachidonic acid was decreased compared to controls in plasma, liver, thymus and skin. In liver triglycerides from -PN rats, all essential fatty acids (n3 and n6) were increased compared to both control and +PN rats. The n3 essential fatty acids were significantly increased in plasma, liver, and thymus phospholipids in the +PN compared to control rats. These results support previous reports of an effect of pyridoxine on essential fatty acid metabolism and suggest that both linoleic desaturation and gamma-linolenic acid elongation may be impaired in -PN rats. In addition, the accumulation of essential fatty acids in the liver triglycerides of -PN rats suggests that essential fatty acid turnover between triglyceride and phospholipid may be influenced by pyridoxine."