Vitamin B1 For PMS Symptom Relief


Dec 9, 2015
Thanks for this! Now to figure out how to show it to my wife without suggesting that she has PMS...


Jul 1, 2013
United States
What constitutes "Mental Symptoms" do you think? Brain fog? Moodiness? Tiredness? Depression is obvious, but I'm curious if it was just mental clarity across the board.......

Dan Wich

Thread starter
Jan 22, 2013
What constitutes "Mental Symptoms" do you think?

It looks like a bunch of different things were affected:
Maximum reduction of severity was observed in symptoms, including anxiety (96%), depression (80.4%), sleep disorder (80.24%), fatigue (73.88%), poor concentration (70.51%), tension (55.2%), incompatibility (39%), suicidal ideation (18%), headache (8.38%), flatulence (7.98%), and breast tenderness (7.33%). Minimum reduction of severity was observed in symptoms, including the decreased libido (0.94%), desire to eat sweets (2.42%), limb edema (2.6%), forgetfulness (3.44%), and palpitations (3.71%).
It's funny that it didn't "help" the desire to eat sweets. And I wonder what's meant by "incompatibility."
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