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Vitamin A interaction w/ calcium / iron


Dec 20, 2016
Tough spot here. Been treating neurological issues post Lyme for last 2.5 years. I utilize htma quite a bit. Have done some incredible things at times. But have also hurt myself badly. Two years ago, I had a situation similar to now. Where I believe iron was dumped into the brain, and the cells quite badly.

This time it’s a lot worse. It seems the region of the brain it has hit is different than ever before. I do believe I’ve been dealing with iron issues in brain the last 2.5 years- it took me till the last 2 weeks to put it all together. And this time, I believe calcium is getting absolutely destroyed by the neuro-iron toxicity.

2 years ago, the worst I had neuro-iron issues till now, vitamin A was an absolute savior. I remember taking b2 (puts iron in the cell) one day where I LOST MY MIND how bad I felt, vitamin A quickly saved the day stopping the symptoms.

I do know that vitamin A lowers cellular sodium. If you raise sodium, you lower ph. Lower ph converts ferrous to ferric iron. Higher ph = ferric to ferrous. I am doing MUCH better at a higher ph as the iron feels like a much different compound and treatable. Is this the reason why vit A helps so much in iron toxicity? Simple as lowering cellular sodium?

I think there has to be something more here. I never see much about how vitamin A interacts with iron. I also never see much about how it interacts with calcium other than helps absorption.

If anyone could provide some clarity I’d appreciate it. I’m a bit hesitant to take right now. I hurt myself with vitamin A last fall. I think it’s literally a poison in b2 deficiency for some reason. But I must say this stuff saved me 2 years ago. Could it help again?


Jul 27, 2022
i saw vitamin A can help iron absorption in a study with women getting their levels up

thiamine if deficient will allow more iron into the brain Does thiamine protect the brain from iron overload and alcohol‐related dementia?.

u could research polyphenols too if your iron levels in blood work isn't on the low end. cistus tea is a good source with high amounts and elderberry but u can't take too much elderberry, i wrote a thread on these. seems at least the polyphenol metabolites can make it into the brain Polyphenols journey through blood-brain barrier towards neuronal protection - Scientific Reports but not sure on if they have same affects on chelating iron
green tea extract can probably bind iron in the brain Excessive Iron Levels Could Cause Brain Degeneration - Life Extension
maybe curcumin, also lowers iron absorbtion

also alpha lipoic acid (crosses BBB and chelates iron - BUT you have to be very careful with this one. as apparently it's very potent and also shifts around toxic heavy metals like lead/merucry so dosing as it's sold is no good - needs to be done on a protocol like andrew cutlers with small doses every 3 hours with its half life hitting, in rounds with days off). Assessment of the role of α-lipoic acid against the oxidative stress of induced iron overload

also a simple way you can protect against iron overload is vitamin E. dosed once daily. maybe best to keep to 300iu max to prevent fatigue/anxiety some people get on higher end, not dl- form. only tocopherols, topical if doesnt sit well with your gut. Vitamin E is protective against iron toxicity and iron-induced hepatic vitamin E depletion in mice - PubMed. it lowers estrogen, probably prolactin somewhat, maybe cortisol (not sure on this maybe not), and i read people on here saying in high doses it has lowering effect on sodium,
that mice study is ~100mg vit E through the skin human equivalent. natural d form is ~1mg=1.5iu

if you start to feel better from the chelators i would ease off as flipping brain iron to the lower end of low iron will negatively affect your dopamine receptors & probably shift to serotonin, and cause fatigue
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