Vit. E, Potassium, calcium, or supp.'s


Apr 14, 2013
I'm on an elimination diet. Trying to figure out which specific things are causing problems (chronic constipation {SIBO}, PCOS, Hypothyroid, allergies {although, I'm allergic to dust so it will probably not be possible to determine if any food source is causing allergies, since dust is everywhere}). So I have devised a skeleton diet which I will be on for a couple months and then add in OJ, milk, etc.
Basically it is Chicken soup (chicken, broth, carrots), coffee, raw goat cheese (can't find raw milk), small amounts of turkey, beef, and eggs, cooked carrots (until I can tolerate raw), coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. I will add in liver once I learn how to cook. I will be taking some meds and supplements: Vit. D, progest-e, pregnenalone, levothyronine and levothyroxine, buffered asorbic acid, coq10, a multi-B vit. (w/o folic acid), and occasionally cascara sagrada (causes severe pain and doesn't produce bowel movement very well).

Anyway, I'm low on Vit. E, Potassium, a bit low on calcium and zinc, and manganese.

Might be allergic to shellfish, not sure I want to find out for sure so that's not really an option.

Just need some suggestions:

- on how to eat EVOO (for Vit. E) if not on raw carrot (can I put it on warm foods?, not cook with it of course)
-... or should I use a supplement for Vit. E?

- cream of tarter for potassium? or Potassium bicarb from a home brewing store, which is better... and how do I consume? (put it capsules or is there some way to use in cooking or something?)

- I've read zinc and selenium are important for hypothyroid and bowel issues, is it safe to use supplements? (I've read zinc may not be safe to supplement, don't know for sure though)

- how do people dose with pregnenalone? is it safe long term?

- has anyone heard of Swedish bitters? would it be harmful or helpful?

- I'm pretty sure eggshell calcium will not be useful for me since I have such poor digestion. I eat 3oz of raw goat cheese which provide almost enough but probably could use more. I will attempt to cook bone broth, would that help?



Maybe you have PCOS for something you LACK, like progesterone.

I read on pregnancy forums that women taking progesterone for reasons related to pregnancy who had PCOS never again had it after their pregnancy (and progesterone supplementation).


Feb 24, 2013
make homemade french fries. You will get lots of coconut oil, potassium etc. that way. Cascara works by stimulating the muscle movement of the intestines. If it causes pain, it means you have calcification of those muscles. Speaking from experience, stick with supplemental epsom salts and cream of tartar for movement for a while before introducing cascara. Don't bother with cooked carrots. Focus on gelatin instead of meat for protein for better digestibility. Cheese, even raw, can cause constipation as well.


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Apr 14, 2013
Thanks j...I am already taking Progest-e and prometrium (an Rx form of progesterone).

Thanks Jenn. But...I've already tried with potatoes, they make my gut symptoms worsen though, even thoroughly boiled as RP suggests.
If I discontinue with cheese I am not getting even close to enough calcium. I know RP recommends egg shell but from what I have read it does not absorb well, esp. in people with poor digestion. So I was wondering if there were other suggestions.
I did just get some hydrolyzed gelatin, I'll give that a try and reduce meat.

How do you take cream of tarter to cover up the aweful taste?


Zpol said:
Thanks j...I am already taking Progest-e and prometrium (an Rx form of progesterone).

Is that a progestin that is not identical to the progesterone we produce? If so, Ray Peat warns against using those.


Zpol said:
But...I've already tried with potatoes, they make my gut symptoms worsen though, even thoroughly boiled as RP suggests.

Do you boil it in salted water?

An alternative is the cooked potato juice.
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