Vernadsky's "whirlwind of atoms"


Oct 29, 2012
My favourite quote. It is beautiful, and shows how an organism begins to harmonize once the right nutrition and other treatments are in place:

Vernadsky's description of an organism as a "whirlwind of atoms" is probably a better way to think of how "causality" works. The moving air in a whirlwind forms a self-intensifying system, with the motion reducing the pressure, causing more air to be drawn into the system. The atoms moving in coordination aren't acting as separate things, but as parts in a larger thing. The way in which increased metabolism in the bones acts favorably on the metabolism of kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, liver, digestive system, etc., which in turn favors the bones' renewal, is analogous to the tendency of a whirlwind to intensify as long as there is a source of energy. The intensity of oxidative metabolism is the basic factor that permits continuing coordination of activity, and the harmonious renewal of all the components of the organism. - Ray Peat ... ging.shtml