USA Today Calling Or Forced Vaccinations


Jan 25, 2014
But what does any of this have to do with my actual daily life, the one I live, the one defined by my feelings and my immediate relationships? What impact does it have on whether or not I go camping in the bush, or make love to a beautiful person, or spend the day writing music or painting, or choose to take up surfing and let that new passion consume me? It sounds fluffy, but it isn't. It has helped me immensely, and it extends to Covid.

I certainly understand your points as well, and was pretty much in agreement with your stance....... until March 2020 happened. I don't think it extended to the Covid response at all. This has been, far and away, the most intrusive power grab that government has ever tried into people's personal lives. Nothing like this has ever been attempted on a scale this vast before.

You have the best "confirmation" possible of many of those conspiracies that you mentioned, but now, the war is at your front door.

So if and when this covid "vaccine" comes a'knockin, and the cost of not getting it is too high (work, travel, seeing loved ones in hospitals etc), then I'll get the jab and minimise its impact as much as I can, on all fronts, and hopefully have the balls to crack on with my life.

Ummmm..... have you been paying attention the past 6 months? They already took those things! Did you, or anyone you know, go on a cruise in May of 2020? No, because you couldn't. What about work? Are you working in the same capacity you were working at in February? Do you know anyone who was laid off, furloughed, or forced to take a pay cut? I can name at least 20 people in my own company that I know personally that had one of those things happen. I don't know anyone who was not allowed to see people in the hospital or a nursing home personally, but have heard enough stories and such to see it happen.

In some ways, the "costs" you are talking about have already happened. They are sunk costs.

I do understand your stance, but I don't see it as bargaining with a judge to retain the things you were free to do in this life...... it's more like attempting to comply with a thief in the hopes that he will return your stuff, or at least not take anymore.


Jun 20, 2015
DeSantis vows to ban ‘vaccination passports’ as he signs law shielding Florida businesses from COVID-19 liability (

“We don’t want to be in a situation where people are scared of being sued, just for doing normal things,” DeSantis said. “We worked very early on to look at to see ways that we could provide some certainty for both businesses, and health care providers. This was obviously a top priority for many of us up here. And I think that the Legislature has been able to deliver today.”


Aug 17, 2016
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Jul 13, 2014
This is serious....
It looks like THEY have gone completely mad and will push vaccination no matter what and EVERYWHERE. (I already posted Cyprus' health minister' view, and also the chief scientist, who advises the government regarding the "pandemia" is singing the same song, titled "Only vaccine...". It's getting frightening...
But, my main question now is, why THEY push the vaccine at any cost, everywhere? What will it has in it? The nanochip...? DNA altering substance...? Both...? Or something else, we're still unaware of?

Lab Chemicals

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