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Ultra-Low PUFA

  1. Any one here doing ULP? As in >2 g?

    I was doing 100 mcg/day for a while, but I transitioned out of that. Now I'm up to around 8 grams I'd imagine.

    What's the lowest PUFA you've gone?
  2. I never go over 2 grams. Most days I get under 1 gram.
  3. What are you eating where you get PUFA < 1g?
  4. Orange Juice, 1% and skim milk, coffee, pineapple juice, gelatin, sugar and sometimes hydrogenated coconut oil.
  5. How do you feel on that diet?
  6. Where do you get the hydrogenated coconut oil?
  7. How do you feel? Has it changed anything?
  8. After doing it for a while I cant get myself to eat anything else really, other than other fruits. I dont desire to change. I feel good! Better than I ever have.
  9. Coconut Oil I have gone through over 30 lbs of it now.
  10. I feel better than ever. It has changed many things, too many to list, but all positive. Biggest changes were bringing temps from on average 95-96 degrees Fahrenheit up to around 99, and my depression is gone, which almost killed me, literally.
  11. Which OJ do you drink?
  12. Whenever I can, I juice my own, but sometimes if I cant find any good oranges, or if I'm super busy I like the taste of Minute Maid Premium original.
  13. That's awesome, happy to hear you're happy :)
  14. Zero solid food?
  15. What milk do you go for?
  16. I know it's ultra low pufa but how many grams of fat would your daily diet be in general?
  17. @tca300 thats awesome. Why dont you eat pinapple or canned pineapple instead of juicing? i think canned pineapples tastes amazing :D

    Im doing the same as you my diet is OJ,Coca Cola, skimmed milk, sugar,dates, fruits but i also consume alot of candy(sugar,gelatin,etc no fat) which i need to stop doing and substitute with more OJ/fruit etc
  18. Same question to you as above, how many grams of fat is in your diet would you say?
  19. @EIRE24 just the traces i get from skimmed milk, fruits etc so max 10g a day prob 5g
  20. Whole fruits sometimes and occasional liver and oysters.
  21. Skim and 1%. Usually whatever tastes best which is organic Valley or Darigold.
  22. Between 24 and 60 grams. Depends on whether I ate hydrogenated coconut oil that day.
  23. Ya, I agree, sometimes I guess I take the convenience route.
  24. The predominantly liquid diet isn't bad if thyroid function/temperature is optimal. Everyone says, "Drink more water," but it's unnecessary when you drink a gallon of milk and OJ/day.
  25. @tca300 , what's your bodyfat % on this diet, has it changed as a result?
  26. @bdawg No change, because I eat more to make up for the increased caloric needs. I dont know my body fat % at the moment, its usually between 11% and 14%.
  27. That sounds like a lot of liquid. Do you salt and sugar all your drinks? Do you get a lot of exercise or take thyroid?
  28. @Dopamine No, I never add sugar to my drinks, except a few teaspoons in my coffee. I use salt as a supplement, and eat enough to where I dont crave it, and also rinse my mouth with it, but dont add it to my drinks, I think that would be gross. I lift weights several times a week, and experiment with thyroid, but dont take it regularly.
  29. Eggs are biggest food source of PUFA in a peaty diet.

    I guess even skim milk has 0.5% fat so itcan be second food source.

    Just by avoiding eggs you can go pretty low on pufa.

    @DaveFoster how was your diet to be around 100 microg?! That is like the amount of fat in the experiment of fat free diet!
  30. People in the Mediterranean consume GALLONS of olive oil every year and don't seem to be suffering...
  31. I don't understand 1 gram with 1% milk and orange juice...
  32. 1% and skim. Mostly skim.
  33. 20161013_181135.png
  34. 1 gallon of skim milk, 12 tablespoons of fully hydrogenated coconut oil, 1-2 lbs sugar/day and added vitamins/minerals (all except iron and trace metals).
  35. Ultra-low is fun. According to nutritiondata.com potato is lower in PUFA than many fruits and combined with condensed milk it can be a great staple food. Slicing / freezing it before cooking supposedly lowers the arachidonic acid, if you're obsessive enough to care.
  36. I see you are only getting 9% of your daily required omega-3. You have hospital on speed dial yes?
  37. I end up there so often they have me on speed dial. Getting me a permanent room is currently in the works.
  38. Zombies are actually PUFA deficient humans.

    They want to eat brains because of the relative unsaturation of the tissue; they need the PUFA.

    Don't turn into a zombie, drink your corn oil.



    All that MUFA is going to kill you.

    Remember, MUFA is just PUFA with an "M."
  39. But what the M stand for...

  40. Did your ULP diet worked well?how long you was on that diet?
  41. My choise for meat is usually white meat and specially turkeys legs as it's high in taurine, I boil it and then skim the fat on top of water,which I guess is most of PUFAs as they are more liquid.
  42. You know these small details are not important in action,but I'm just courius,skim milk according to nutritiondata is 15mg pufa . but you calculation is 100mcg,maybe you counted skim milk as absolute zero fat.
  43. About a month; it tasted pretty bad. I felt okay.

    *100 mg
  44. YUP. Beginner's mistake: lower your PUFA without actually lowering your PUFA.
  45. [​IMG]
  46. Yup, I eat no more than 1 raw egg a day. When I was on the Primal Diet I would eat about a dozen raw eggs a day. 6 right before bed!
  47. @superhuman - are you eating store bought candy or making your own? what kind of candy?
  48. store, candy king mostly
  49. Thanks superhuman!
  50. Sounds like you are doing a good job reducing iron, do you tolerate the A and D in the skim milk @tca300
  51. @Liubo After hearing about the many that do have trouble with the added Vitamins in milk, I feel very grateful to not have any problems with them.
  52. All liquid diets are dehydrating in my experience, for some reason.
  53. That's awesome tca.!
  54. When I go on a cut in a couple weeks, I will experiment with getting about 90% of my fats from MCT Oil, the other 10% will come from about a gallon of skim-milk a day. My body tolerates the synthetic vitamins in reduced fat-milk well. I will be eating a potato a day for electrolytes and multiple carrots each day. I will reply back to tell y'all the results of this ultra-low pufa cut.
  55. Molasses is a good source of minerals, but it's carcinogenic and mutagenic. 2000 calories worth of dates has 0.1 g PUFA
  56. What pineapple juice do you drink (I'm getting some); do you do the fresh or frozen canned?
  57. @DaveFoster I do the frozen canned, but should probably find some fresh to avoid added vitamin C.
  58. Above you posted a great app report that keeps track of what you've eaten. What app is that? Thanks!
  59. @Jkbp website called cronometer.
  60. Thanks!!
  61. Dates! Forgot about them. Am looking for foods that are low in fat and rich in nutrients right now...like any and all nutrients. Not sure what I am missing but it feels like some kind of deficiency is there.
  62. Could be sodium, protein, or if you're hypothyroid then eating more fat can have some benefits due to poor liquid tolerance.

    A serving of some salty stew or soup can be helpful.
  63. I eat lots of salt but haven't been as good about getting that protein lately. Thanks for the recommendation.