trying to understand if histamine fits into this picture

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  1. DesertRat

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    Mar 10, 2014
    Into my third week on the Peat diet, I am now taking 2.5 mcg of thyroid a day and have cut down the stuff that used to send my serotonin and estrogen too high to sleep. But it seems like I'm going too far in the other direction because today I've had a runny nose all days and it feels like seasonal allergies (although I haven't had stuff like that in 20 years) and I've also had very loose bowels.

    Some possibilities:
    1] gelatin has histamine, or can cause histamine release, or something like that was stated in some other threads-- I've had more gelatin in a week than ever before (4 little packets)?

    2] whatever was making me constipated, or close to it, is gone from my diet?

    3] I am coming down with some mystery ailment [I doubt this, as my energy is better today than it has been]

    4] too much thyroid for a body that has been low normal for over 20 years?

    Is this common? I understood why I was exhausted when I stopped running on adrenaline, but not this.
  2. charlie

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    Jan 4, 2012
    Maybe you caught a little bug.
  3. SQu

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    Jan 3, 2014
    I had these problems recently during time when I was intensifying the peat approach. I now think I went a bit fast, triggering stress hormones. In retrospect I could have slowed down a bit. They settled after about 6 weeks and I feel better than ever. But it was a tough 6 weeks. I think the carrot salad helped a lot and I never miss a day now.