Trying Gabapentin Please Help


Aug 2, 2020
I have bad anxiety and depression and I've read alot about GABA pentin helping alot of people big times. I'm aware thyroid and magnesium etc are crucial and I'm looking into that but what dose is anti anxiety for GABA pentin?? I tried 1000 MG's a day felt nothing. It's a well tolerated drug alot of doctors push the dose beyond 3600mgs which is usually the max but seeing how alot of people tolerate it well it's common for doctors to push dose upward to 4500mg. So what dose have you heard of working and does this drug take a week to feel relief ? Or should I feel the anxiety melt in a few hours??


Sep 22, 2020
Well if you haven’t got it through a Doctor you’re going to be judging those dosages yourself. I don’t think anyone here can medically advise you. But sounds like you’re doing your own research. I’ve not heard of many here taking it.


Jul 13, 2017
Sun Coast, USA
It’s mechanism of action seems to not be through direct GABA agonism ... It is associated with discontinuation syndromes rivaling that of Benzos ... At least when I was looking into using it, that’s what past users reported.... It works through Leucine and BCAA channels, but ultimately lowers voltage gated networks, reducing the likelihood of seizures (but it is not a first line anticonvulsant) and mostly used for Nerve Pain.... Some use it adjunct for Bipolar disorder


Jul 13, 2017
Sun Coast, USA
I think there’s better drugs for increasing GABA ....
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