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Trump Puts RFK Jr – Who Railed Against A Vaccine ‘holocaust’ – In Charge Of Commission On Vaccines

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  2. If only Ray Peat for surgeon general...
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  13. It's a long time coming. RFK Jr. wrote a damning article on vaccines in Rolling Stone on 2005.

    I hope science becomes respectable again.
  14. It's merely window dressing, I'm sure. They like to do that. Certainly you know Donald Trump is really Donald Drumpf.
  15. Anyone with common sense knows that injecting one's own bloodstream with disease causing microorganisms regardless of the dilution of it, is foolish to say the very least.
  16. Yay go Trump :neener
  17. That has to be one of the most ill-informed and ridiculously false piece of anti-Semitic trash I have seen in a while. Usually Henry Makow does a much better job laying the blame of the NWO at the feet of the Jews with much more subtle lies and half truths but here he doesn’t even seem to try. I am surprised that you have actually linked to it given the quality of most of your other posts.

    The Jews have been used as the elite’s scapegoat for thousands of years. Yes there are Jews working for them but they are certainly not at the top rung. They are either court Jews who have sold out their own people for a better life or more likely don’t know that they are being used. There is also a strain of fake Jews called Sabbateans or Frankists who have sworn loyalty to the Vatican since the 1700s when the real Jews tried to out them as heretics. They are used by the elites to blame everything on the real Jews but these Sabbateans have ceased being Jews for a long time and only pretend to be so on the outside.

    Most of that article is just more anti-Semitic bull S*** of fake quotes, quotes taken out of context from the Talmud, or just outright lies. Name any religion and you can easily find much worse about other religions and peoples.

    As for Trump being Jewish? Besides him using a Jewish lawyer in NYC, let’s see what other evidence is given.
    Are you kidding me? His great grandmother may have had a Jewish sounding name. Kober is actually German and could be of any religion. Also a Jewish woman would not name her son Christian. But even if she was Jewish, how is it that Trump who for the sake of argument is possibly 1/8 Jewish is considered Jewish. What happened to the other 7/8ths?

    Trump went to a Presbytarian church all his life. He then spent two years at Jesuit Fordham University. His son Eric is on the Board of Directors of Jesuit Georgetown University Business School and his sister donated millions of dollars to the Jesuits. It is also rumored that Trump is a Knight of Malta which is a Papal Knighthood sworn to absolute loyalty and subservience to the Catholic Church. It seems like Trump’s loyalties lie elsewhere.
  18. There's good and bad in all ethnicities. But obviously you haven't done your homework. This isn't the only article exposing the truth on this charlatan. Any thinking person (who does their homework) can see that yes indeed, Trump is really a Drumpf. And part of the network. It is a BIG network/family my fellow forum member. I suppose bigger than you realize.* Several of your comments are really naïve on the subject.
  19. Wow that's fantastic.
  20. Common last name. And last names are not the same as lineages and houses. Your presupposing your beliefs into your arguement.

  21. That's priceless. I hate Buzzfeed and CNN. That applause!
  22. As for your "beliefs" comment: If it walks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, it is a skunk.
  23. Well I guess you got me there, pal. I don't need to see anymore evidence then that aphorism. Consider this case closed shut :praying:
  24. It's only "closed' on your end. FYI, I am apolitical. I favor no side. I see what I see from examining the studied evidence. And the evidence stinks. Lol, like a skunk.
  25. It is obvious when someone has no idea what they are talking and challenged their first resort is to personal insult rather than providing even one counterfactual argument. So please enlighten me with your deep knowledge of the world and your extensive homework. Tell me specifically which of my comments are so naïve. I have given you plenty of facts that can easily be checked if you are able to competently read beyond the deliberate misinformation. So far you have added nothing of your own that would lead anyone to believe that you are not the naive one.

    I think you just linked to the first anti-NWO article that talked about Trump's family changing its name to Drumpf . In the best case you didn’t bother to read it or in the worst case you naively accepted such obvious crap for truth. Tell me, do you really think that Trump is Jewish because his Great Grandmother was named Kober? No one is arguing that Trump is not a Charlatan or that his name wasn't originally Drumpf, but you have fallen for the most obviously false Hegelian dialectics at play. If you really think that there is good and bad in all ethnicities, why would you link to an article that blames everything on a satanic masonic Jewish conspiracy as if the were the head of it all or that Trump is an "Illuminati Jew" like the title of the article states. Maybe it is you that needs to do a bit more homework.
  26. Why so sensitive? As to the comments about being naïve, I was inferring that you did not realize that they are not separate groups (aka the Jesuits). They are all of the same tree, the same family. It is naïve to think they operate autonomously.
  27. Awesome, thanks for posting.
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  29. If you resort to personal attacks you shouldn't be so surprised by a less than friendly response. I know you think you have “done your homework” but you are still far from the truth. As a start, you may wish to watch a few Walter Veith videos on youtube. He is a former tenured University Professor and has 100s of hours of real research on the subject. His series Total Onslaught is a great overview. If you are using Henry Makow as one of your sources you really need to step up your game. He is a low level disinformation shill whose whole purpose is to confuse and divert people’s anger. So, sorry but Trump or Drumpf is not Jewish but is of German ancestry.
  30. @x-ray peat said "No one is arguing that Trump is not a Charlatan"

    Well I will! He seems to be appointing people who align with his policies of America first, secure borders, truth in media, small government, prudent spending, effective healthcare...
  31. Amazing. If you think calling someone "naïve" is a personal attack, then you are really stretching and maybe it is you who has personal issues with this, for whatever reason. Sorry, but you are wrong. Have you ever heard of German jews before? Honestly, I don't know why I waste my time with individuals who choose to be willfully ignorant. I know it's tough having one's illusions shattered.
  32. "seems" to be is the key word here.
  33. Talk about willful ignorance. So you still maintain that Trump is Jewish because why? His great grandmother had a Jewish sounding German name? That is one strong delusion you are nursing. As I already explained to you, even if his great grandmother was Jewish, and there is no evidence that she was, that still wouldn’t make Trump Jewish. Your definition of who is a Jew is even stricter than it was in Nazi Germany. So thank you for shattering my delusions. Trump is really Jewish after-all. Why? I guess because you say so.

    As for personal insults, I don’t really care what you say to me. I was pointing out the weakness of your beliefs that when challenged, instead of providing one counter-argument based in fact, you resorted to several personal insults. I have noticed that you seem to do this in a lot of your exchanges with people. A daily carrot salad could help with that. You are right in one respect though; I shouldn’t waste my time with someone who "chooses to be willfully ignorant."
  34. Hegelian Dialectics my friend. The move to the right is all part of the show.
  35. Interesting. Would you mind unpacking this a bit more? For someone not familiar?
  36. Interesting article. Seems to fall in line with what Johnny Cirucci talks about, who is a historian on this subject. I've watched some of his youtube vids. "All roads lead back to Rome" <his quote>, as to where the true world puppetmasters stem from. He also says the Jesuits use the Jews as scapegoats. He also mentions the Rothschild's <who often come to mind as ones in part pulling the strings> as just being accountants for the Vatican.
  37. @x-ray peat

    The secret elite and all their occult practices don't have any control over The self-funded, people-centred Donald.

    That is why they are going batship crazy.

    They have been sending in their big guns against Trump - weapons like The mainstream media, Martin Sheen & Meryl Streep, yet their slings and arrows have no effect on Trump, like water rolling off a duck's back.

    All the Illuminati's rituals and all Soros' money, couldn't put the New World Order back together again.
  38. @Richiebogie Knows what's up. Joel 2:15 through 27 explains exactly what is happening here. A restoration of epic proportions is happening along with tearing down the idols of fakestream media news, Hollywood, the elite who call themselves Jews but are actually from the synagogue of satan. It is happening, it is written and is going down exactly as foretold.
  39. I've listened to lots of Cirucci. He's pretty good. It helps to listen/read lots of different sources as the subject is so massive and made purposely confusing. Using the Jews as their frontmen is a time honored strategy that never seems to get old, as you can see from the above post.
  40. Except they are not Jews.
  41. Cirucci is good. Hopefully he is also watching his back, because he is not afraid to name names. In addition to watching his 3 part Iluminati Unmasked on youtube, which he goes over parts of his 800+ page book titled the same, I've also listened to a fair amount of his Resistance Rising internet radio shows.
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  43. I can't decide which meme to pick, so this will suffice. :dancingsmileyman
  44. There's nothing in the article that supports the idea that Trump is an illuminati Jew. One of his ancestors was named Kober, which might be a Jewish name--so what! A lot of German names were used by Jews. Trump's dad played ball with Jews--so what? How else would he get anywhere in NYC real estate?
  45. Hi @charlie. One seer earlier this year after watching Donald Trump was blessed by the Holy Ghost and knew Trump was to be "anointed". He knew to read Isaiah 45 which he had never heard before.

    He discovered it was a special prophesy for King Cyrus who, though not Jewish, was guided by God and was a great help to Israel. I believe Cyrus helped build the 2nd Temple after the Babylonian invasion.

    Our Christian then discovered that Donald Trump would be the 45th president were he to win!

    He wrote to Trump's family and recommended that Donald pray and repent to The Lord. Soon after Donald's appeal improved.

    Just as the false idols of Hollywood, Television and the Music Industry are fleeing from Trump like vampires flee from the dawn, maybe the barbarians will voluntarily flee from the Holy Land, returning the Temple Mount, Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank to God's control.

    (Maybe all that will remain of the old satan worshippers will be a few frightened poo emojis in an archived Twitter tweet).

    It appears that some prophesies from the old testament can repeat for Christians and Jews in the US and Israel in the modern era.
  46. This is insane. I never would have thought this 6 months ago when I read this 66 page essay entitled Tobacco Science and the Thimerosal Scandal.

    Kennedy is no shrinking violet. This is a cogent and scathing summary of the Thimerosal scandal. I would recommend reading this. It is double-spaced, so it's more like 33 pages. It has references so even less.

    For a deeper chemical understanding of Thimerosal, visit Dr. King's website. He is a toxicologist and a Doctor in Chemistry.

    Very knowledgeable man with a driven agenda.

    Chemists know mercury the best, and they all seem to realize how poisonous it is. Only dentists, the AMA, and shameless industrialists defend it.

    There were always safer, cheaper, and more effective preservatives than thimerosal. Don't let the online propagandists tell you otherwise. They will act like experts, but they are not. They are simply advertising trolls that sit at a desk 8 hours per day.
  47. :dancingsmileyman
  48. This thread, like many other threads on politics and culture, is embarrassing.

    One would hope that people who are inspired by Peat would cultivate an intelligent sceptism and class awareness.

    Instead it reads like a bunch of potheads huddled around a screen lapping up Infowars trash.
  49. Well, there are more than 4000 members on this forum... you will always and everywhere have some funny people
  50. Sorry if we woke you. Go back to sleep. I think that there's a vaccination that would make sure this doesn't happen again.
  51. Clarification-

    My little spray was aimed at those trying to convince us that the world is run by a secret cabal of jews, not vaccine skeptics
  52. Glad to hear that. There are plenty of vaccine skeptics around this neck of the woods :bear:
  53. yes good to hear.